Police: Botched Pot Deal Led to Shooting Near DC Arena

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Court documents show a botched marijuana deal led to a shooting inside a McDonald’s bathroom at the Verizon Center arena in downtown Washington.

The Washington Post reports that the 25-year-old man who was wounded on Aug. 12 was preparing to sell pot to his attackers.

A 15-year-old boy is accused of being the gunman. On Tuesday, police arrested a 17-year-old boy and 20-year-old Lafayette Booker of northeast Washington.

Police say in court documents that Booker and the teens agreed to pay $40 for marijuana. But the 15-year-old didn’t have any money and said he would rob the dealer. He confronted the victim in the bathroom as the man was weighing the pot on a set of scales. The man was shot in the left side of the head.

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