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Police Discover Nine Pounds of Fentanyl Hidden in Raw Fish

This month, the NYPD discovered nearly nine pounds of fentanyl hidden in raw fish. The amount could have killed over a million people.

Police Discover Nine Pounds of Fentanyl Hidden in Raw Fish
<i class="fa fa-camera"></i> Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor For NYC

Earlier this month, the New York Police Department made a huge bust. They found nearly nine pounds of the deadly narcotic known as fentanyl hidden in raw fish. The discovery was made in the Bronx and an arrest was promptly made. Here’s what happened.

Something Smells Fishy

Police Discover Nine Pounds of Fentanyl Hidden in Raw Fish

Early February, the NYPD searched the car of suspected drug trafficker Johnny de Los Santos-Martinez. According to reports, the search yielded two plastic-wrapped packages hidden within raw fish and an additional package of chili. Inside each package was an unidentified substance.

The police officers on the scene initially believed the contents of the packages to be cocaine. However, a drug testing lab revealed that the substance was not, in fact, cocaine. It was fentanyl.

Even more disturbing? Experts in the narcotics division say that the amount of fentanyl hidden in raw fish could have caused over one million lethal overdoses. They estimate that the amount of fentanyl would garner about $100,000 wholesale, but had a street value of $10 million dollars.

That comes to about ten dollars per human life.

Final Hit: Police Discover Nine Pounds of Fentanyl Hidden in Raw Fish

In the past few years, exposure to fentanyl and resulting deaths have been steadily increasing. This lethal narcotic has been found to be mixed in with street drugs like heroin and cocaine. It has also, reportedly, shown up in other drugs. The presence of fentanyl has become so serious that some police departments have stopped roadside drug testing in the interest of keeping their officers safe from accidental fentanyl exposure.

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