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Two Police Officers Suspended After Taking Weed Edibles At Work

In Canada, a couple of police officers decided to eat weed edibles while on the clock. The results, unfortunately, were not as intended.

Two Police Officers Suspended After Taking Weed Edibles At Work

A law enforcement agency in Canada is handling a rather unusual case: two police officers suspended after taking weed edibles at work. According to reports, this happened over the weekend in a major Canadian metropolis. The cops in question allegedly ingested cannabis-infused food while on the clock and must now deal with the ramifications of that decision. Here’s what went down up north.

Reefer Raid

Two Police Officers Suspended After Taking Weed Edibles At Work

On Saturday night, in the Canadian city of Toronto, police officers carried out a raid of a marijuana dispensary. The reason for the raid has not been disclosed. But one can safely assume that during such a raid, police officers are expected to follow certain protocols. These protocols may include refraining from consuming the products that they confiscated.

An unnamed source in the force told a local news outlet that two of the officers involved in the raid didn’t get the memo about entering certain items into the Evidence Department. Or, maybe they did, and just thought that the protocol didn’t apply to them.

These police officers allegedly stole some edibles from the dispensary. And ate them while they were still on the clock.

The two police officers suspended after taking weed edibles at work were apparently not familiar with how edible marijuana works. According to the source, after initial ingestion, they did not feel anything immediately. So they ate more. Rookie mistake.

Predictably, the edibles hit them harder than they intended, and things got a bit dicey. The exact details of their night aren’t clear, but it’s likely that the two just got way too high. They ended up calling local paramedics for assistance. And also their fellow officers.

Final Hit: Two Police Officers Suspended After Taking Weed Edibles At Work

Two Police Officers Suspended After Taking Weed Edibles At Work

As the investigation into this bizarre matter is ongoing, the spokespeople for the Toronto Police Association were reticent with the details.

One of the spokespeople, Kim McKinnon, disclosed that hospital staff admitted the two officers. One was admitted for a “medical condition” and the other for a “minor trauma”. Further details about either ailment were not given.

The names of the two police officers suspended after taking weed edibles at work were also not given.

The President of the Toronto Police Association, Mike McCormack, confirmed that the two officers are under investigation and that the investigation is indeed related to drug use. He would not, however, give any more details than that.

“It’s only speculation at this time,” he told reporters. “I’m not going to speculate on an ongoing investigation.”

The fact that this misadventure in edibles took place in Canada is interesting. Canada plans to have fully legalized cannabis by the summer. But even so, one can guess that civil servants, including police officers, will be discouraged from consuming weed while working.

It’s equally likely that consuming so many stolen edibles that emergency services are required while on shift will also be frowned upon.

Whatever the outcome of the investigation is, we can only hope that the actions of these officers do not affect the legalization and regulation process in the country.

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