Bernie Vs. Hillary: Latest Polls Show New Hampshire Primary Will Be Close

There is no denying that last Tuesday’s Democratic debate was really just a meet-and-greet with the candidates that could have just as easily been billed “The Bernie & Hillary Show.”

In fact, some of the latest post-debate polling numbers reveal that the rest of the candidates may be well-advised to simply spend the rest of their campaign finances on a few fat sacks of dope and watch the real Democratic race get underway like the rest of America.

While it is certainly no shocker that both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are wiping the drool from Lincoln Chaffee’s chin, as well as settling in the stomachs of the American people better than that O’Malley character, the latest polls suggest that in the early primary state of New Hampshire, Clinton and Sanders may be forced to fight it out in a cage like wild political animals in order to determine the ultimate victor.

According to a Franklin Pierce Herald poll, Bernie Sanders left last week’s debate with the support of 38 percent of New Hampshire’s Democratic voters, while Clinton emerged with only 30 percent. However, Sanders’ backing appears to be based on whether or not Vice President Joe Biden decides to cast a bid for the Democratic nomination.

If Biden doesn’t run, Sanders seems almost a shoe-in for the win, with his polling numbers making an impressive leap over Clinton by 10 percent.

Despite the majority of the respondents suggesting that Clinton crucified him at last week’s Democratic debate, Sanders, the socialist, is definitely whipping some ass in New Hampshire. Of course, while these numbers are consistent with previous surveys, the latest polls show that Clinton may have showed off some confidence and experience in political hobble-gobble, but Sanders didn’t lose any ground.

Another poll, this one from Suffolk University/Boston Globe, shows the two candidates are running close enough to count the wrinkles on each other’s faces. However, these numbers show Clinton in the lead with 37 percent, while Sanders is gnawing on her back at 35 percent.

Recently, Huffington Post assembled a tip sheet, of sorts, for the 2016 New Hampshire Democratic Primary, which pulls together all of the available polls in an effort to handicap the race. What it has found is that Sanders is the horse everyone is betting one, with almost 43 percent of Democratic voters on his side.

On the other hand, Clinton is standing with the backing of roughly 32 percent, while the yet undecided Joe Biden has just over 11 percent. And, for the sake of saving them some embarrassment, let’s just say if the rest of the candidates may want to fill out an application for the White House kitchen staff.

Although it may seem that Clinton and Sanders will likely be locked in a vicious round of sudden death once the polls come to a close next year in New Hampshire, most of the respondents—even those who back Sanders—believe that Clinton will prevail as the Democratic nominee in the end.

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