High Times Crashes Donald Trump Smoke Sesh

As reported by media outlets worldwide, the grassroots marijuana legalization organization DCMJ handed out over 8,000 joints during the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Much to his new attorney general Jeff Sessions’ dismay, the group of activists successfully pulled off what many knew would be an incident-free, jam packed and smoke filled jubilee attended by stoners from across the globe.

High Times traveled to DC to crash President Agent Orange’s inauguration and show our support for DCMJ’s Trump 420 protest. I rolled with our good buddy—DJ Native Sun (@NATIVESUN84)—and captured our experience.


Inauguration Eve: First stop was DCMJ headquarters in Northwest DC, where organizers were rolling up the last of their 8,000 free joints to be handed out the following day in Dupont Circle.


Protesters from all over the country—from California to Michigan and the deep south—came to to show their support and rolled up local homegrown buds. “Love Your Dealer” Zip-Up Hoodie


Rolling 8,000 joints takes concentration and fancy finger-work. “Reefer Madness” High Times Logo Tee


Smoke breaks in between rolling is a must! “Reefer Madness” High Times Logo Tee | High Times “Strawberry Kush” Hat


Each joint weighed roughly half a gram, for a total 9 pounds of free weed. “Reefer Madness” High Times Logo Tee


Adam Eidinger, co-founder of DCMJ (@DCMJ2014) has been a subscriber of HIGH TIMES for over 25 years.


Adam took time out from planning and giving interviews with international media giants to smoke up. “Reefer Madness” High Times Logo Tee


Many different strains were used to roll Trump420 joints including OG and GDP


Inauguration Day: The protests begin! DCMJ built a replicated jail cell to hand joints out of to send a message about our failing drug war and to recognize the millions who have served and are currently serving jail time for low-level drug offenses. High Times “Adults Only” Long Sleeve


Two joints were given out to each attendee; One for themselves and one to give to a stranger or friend. “Love Your Dealer” Zip-Up Hoodie


“Reefer Madness” High Times Logo Tee


HIGH TIMES contributor and marijuana activist Kate (@littleface_low) helps hand out joints during Trump420. High Times “Adults Only” Long sleeve


Trump420 was packed, with lines going almost a mile down from Dupont Circle.


We began our march down the streets of DC to the Capitol Mall with attendees still in line for their free joints.


Police were ready and waiting, but the Trump420 protest was arguably the most peaceful demonstration of the entire inauguration.


“Reefer Madness” High Times Logo Tee


Homemade signs littered the streets of the Mall as onlookers listened to President Trump’s speech. Protests of all shapes and sizes were scattered throughout the streets surrounding the Mall.


After making it to the Mall, attendees and organizers spoke via an open mic session while waiting for the 4:20 mark of newly-inaugurated President Trump’s speech.


Celebrities were interviewed at Trump420 protests.


Sharing is caring; four minutes and 20 seconds into the speech, demonstrators lit up in protest of the failing War on Drugs. “Reefer Madness” High Times Logo Tee

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