Hillary Clinton In Colorado: ‘Is That A Marijuana Plant?’

It wasn’t quite the real deal, but while campaigning in Colorado for Sen. Mark Udall, Hillary Clinton got a nice glimpse of a pot plant courtesy of one clever barista who topped the senator’s latte with a pot leaf decoration to which Hillary gleefully questioned: “Is that a marijuana plant?!” The barista responded that was ‘exactly what it” was. Unfortunately for Clinton — who’s better half notoriously told the nation that though he did smoke weed, he never inhaled — her design was a little less exciting: A pig. Hillary took it all in stride though responding that the artistry was “neat.”

When asked in an interview a few months ago about her thoughts on marijuana, the Secretary of State responded: “At the risk of committing radical candor, I have to say I think we need to be very clear about the benefits of marijuana use for medicinal purposes.” Though she continued with the less promising: “I do think we need more research because we don’t know how it interacts with other drugs. There’s a lot we don’t know.”

Do you think Hillary would support marijuana legalization if she was elected president? Judging from the picture above, we’d have to imagine so. Comment below with your thoughts!

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