Historic High Times Business Summit 2015 to be Held in Washington DC

High Times, the most reliable and trusted voice in all things marijuana for the past 42 years and leading force in the ongoing legalization campaign, is hosting its first-ever Business Summit in Washington, D.C. from December 14-16, 2015.

The nation’s capital is an appropriate venue as we head into elections that are important for the future of legal and medical marijuana as well as for rational leadership of our country.

The High Times Business Summit 2015 will highlight politics, entrepreneurship and medicine and will examine how they intersect in the world of legal cannabis, which is imminent as state-after-state votes to legalize marijuana.

“High Times is the only company that has run a business successfully for over 40 years in the face of a devastating enforcement of cannabis prohibition. High Times knows the cannabis business and will continue to lead and teach during the deconstruction of prohibition,” said Michael Kennedy, High Times Chairman.

If you’re among the numerous individuals or groups seeking business opportunities in one of the fastest growing industries in the United States or wish to gain a deeper interest in the medical aspects of cannabis, the High Times Business Summit is for you.

Legal marijuana enjoyed 74 percent growth in 2014 alone, and under full legalization in the U.S. would represent a $36 billion industry, according to the ArcView Group, a Silicon Valley investment research firm. Last year, legal pot generated $2.7 billion in sales and provided more than $200 million in tax revenue in the legal states.

“As the industry grows exponentially and entrepreneurs, academics, policy makers, medical providers, legal experts and growers step up to the plate to take part in this highly anticipated revolution, it’s part of High Times’ mission to continue leading the way,” said Amanda Younger, head of High Times Events. “This is one of the first Cannabis conferences to be held in Washington, DC, and High Times’ first B2B conference. We expect it to  be the first of what will be many in a series.”

High Times will inaugurate the Summit the evening of Monday, December 14, with its “Trail Blazer Awards” presentation honoring some 50 individuals and organizations who are leading the charge to legalization and breaking ground in related fields.


The two-day Business Summit held December 15-16 will feature top speakers from politics, academia, business and medicine, including a rare appearance from Israeli organic chemist, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, who is widely regarded as the “Father of Cannabis” after he and his research team succeeded in the first isolation and elucidation of the active constituent of THC. Mechoulam will address the conference via live video stream and take questions on site and via social media.

“The High Times Business Summit is a can’t-miss for any business seeking entry to the opportunities within the cannabis business,” Younger said.  “And for those already involved in the industry, this Summit will provide unique resources for expanding your knowledge and contacts.”

The Summit will include opportunities to meet the forerunners, the innovators and those who paved the way for the historic transformation in the cannabis industry, as well as leaders who are guiding the movement toward its logical conclusion of total legalization.

The conference is being hosted by the new High Times’ President and CEO David Kohl and long-time High Times Magazine Editor-in-Chief Dan Skye.

Presenting partners of the High Times Business Summit are GfarmaLabs, makers of high quality cannabis brands Liquid Gold and GStiks, and Moxie Seeds and Extracts, makers of Cannabis Cup-winning edibles and other cannabis products.

The Summit is being held at the Washington Hilton, 1919 Connecticut Ave NW.

A limited number of tickets are still available and can be purchased HERE.

See the complete list of guest speakers on HighTimesBusiness.com.

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