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Killer Mike Discusses the War on Drugs with Bernie Sanders

Let’s not beat around the bush—we really love Killer Mike here at High Times. The rapper and activist, who was born on 4/20, sat down with us last year for an amazing interview to discuss his latest album, politics and pot legalization.

Well, now the tables have turned, and Killer Mike is the one asking the questions.

On Tuesday, he released a six-part interview with the cannabis community’s favorite presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders. The wide-ranging conversation took place at Killer Mike’s Atlanta barbershop, the SWAG Shop, over several hours and touches on everything from pot and poverty to guns and health care and voting.

A video posted by Killer Mike (@killermike) on

Dec 14, 2015 at 10:33am PST

Among their many topics of conversation was how federal marijuana prohibition has adversely affected communities, especially those of colored, poor and working-class people. Both men  agree that pot’s Schedule I classification is “absolute bullshit,” and Sanders explains to Killer Mike how he plans to use legislation to fix that problem.

Check out the video below, Part 4 in the series, to hear their full conversation about the War on Drugs and prison reform.

The latest poll shows that Sanders is within striking distance of Democratic party challenger Hillary Clinton, and if he comes out on top in the primary, it seems as though he’ll have a good shot at becoming our next president.

“Democrats win when people vote,” Sanders asserts in Part 6, the final video with Killer Mike. This is good news for cannabis activists everywhere.

Make sure to watch the full interview with Sanders on Killer Mike’s YouTube page.

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