NC Senate Candidate Admits to Getting Stoned on the Campaign Trail

It is not unusual to see North Carolina Libertarian Senate candidate, Sean Haugh, on the campaign trail with a beer in close proximity. Yet, in a recent interview with “Beer and Brews,” this connoisseur of the sudsy beverage used the show as an opportunity to tell viewers that he not only supports legalized marijuana, but that he uses the herb medicinally.

When you drink, you don’t lie, you tell the whole truth, which is exactly the buzzed philosophy Haugh implemented in a recent B&B episode when host Matt Laslo touched on the question of drug reform, followed by blatantly asking the candidate if he partakes of the sweet leaf.

“I have on occasion, I’m not afraid of it and I don’t have a problem with people who do,” Haugh replied, adding that he has even smoked weed during his latest campaign. “This is the first time I’ve ever admitted it to anybody, but this is the first time anybody’s ever asked me directly,” he said.

The candidate told Laslo that he uses marijuana to combat some health issues that causes him pain. “You know, I’m 54. I have arthritis, but I don’t have arthritis pain, thanks to that,” said Haugh. “It has a lot of real medical benefits.”

Interestingly, Haugh’s opinion on the legalization of drugs does not stop there. In addition to marijuana, he also believes in legalizing heroin and LSD, but suggests throwing a drug like PCP into the mix would be insanity. “You’d be stupid to take it,” he said, but he is “not going to judge that.”

“If we legalize all drugs, then people can feel free to come forward and seek help, seek treatment,” explained Haugh. “When you drive that stuff underground, you create a whole host of new problems.”

Earlier this week, Haugh told WRAL News that he does not see the big deal in him openly admitting to the use of marijuana, especially “considering our last three presidents all admitted to it as well.” He said he is not worried about his admission to cannabis use drawing unwanted attention from law enforcement, but that he is “more worried about all the people whose lives have been ruined because of this insane war on drugs.”

Mr. Haugh, sir, this country would be a better place with more people like you in office.

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