Rand Paul to Seek Campaign Funds at Pot Summit

Kentucky senator and 2016 presidential candidate Rand Paul is headed to Colorado this week to raise money from the marijuana industry.

According to Yahoo News, he will host a “private briefing” on Tuesday for campaign donors on the sidelines of the second annual Cannabis Business Summit and Expo in Denver.

“Never before has a major-party presidential candidate held a reception at a cannabis industry event, and NCIA is proud to host Senator Paul,” the National Cannabis Industry Association said in an email promoting the event.

There are three donor levels to attend the “VIP reception,” with the minimum donation set at $2,700. According to the NCIA, Paul will “take your questions and talk about his support of federal medical marijuana, his push to reform banking laws so they do not deny services to legal cannabis businesses, his work on criminal justice reform, and his support of allowing states to determine their own cannabis laws.”

“[The reception] is designed to let marijuana insiders hear from Paul, who supports legislation to legalize medical marijuana and give the pot industry access to banking,” The Denver Post reported.

After the fundraiser, Paul plans to hold a campaign rally for supporters.

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