Reefer Madness’ Greatest Hits: Drugs Are Very, Very Bad

Reefer Madness' Greatest Hits: Drugs Are Very, Very Bad
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Hi, I’m “Radical” Russ Belville, and if you’re a child of the ’80s like me, you grew up with the most rad anti-drug propaganda ads of all-time! 

Remember D.A.R.E, McGruff the Crime Dog and Mr. T threatening to kick your ass if you tried drugs?

Totally awesome!

Remember no legal or marijuana states, 23 percent support for legalization in the polls and “This is your brain on drugs?”

Totally bogus!

Well, just because three-out-of-five people now live in a state where marijuana is legal medically or recreationally and even Republicans now support legalization, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring back the failed drug policies of my generation for the next generation, does it?

Not if the Trump administration has anything to say about it… and they do!

From RussCo Records, the people who brought you Reefer Madness’ Greatest Hits: The Attorney General Sessions, comes the second volume of 1980’s drug paranoia—repackaged, remixed and rebooted for the 21st century!

It’s Reefer Madness Greatest Hits: Drugs Are Very, Very Bad!

You’ll get two hot new tracks from MC JeffBo III—Attorney General Jeff Sessions—including his sampling of Nancy Reagan’s classic in the hit, “Re-establish Just Say No”:

As well as his interpretation of everyone’s favorite, the gateway drug theory, in the track, “Cops Say Addiction Starts with Marijuana”:

Then, we get to the newest man with the mic, the President of the United States himself, Donald Trump (AKA Don Tha Dissemblah, AKA DJ Donny Con, AKA Lil’ Handsy), with his three-part masterpiece inspired by Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No,”—“Massive Campaign of Really Tough, Really Big, Really Great Ads”:

“Part 1 – Massive Just Say No Advertising Campaign”

“Part 2 – It’s Really, Really Easy to Just Say No”

“Part 3 – Really Tough, Really Big, Really Great Ads”

DJ Donny Con isn’t content to just stick to the ’80s beats on Reefer Madness’ Greatest Hits: Drugs Are Very, Very Bad. Check out how he lays down a new groove for the medical marijuana era while completely ignoring medical marijuana in this soon-to-be-classic, “Pharma Partnership for Non-Addictive Painkillers”:

Don Tha Dissemblah can rock the turntables post-9/11-style, too. You’ll love this track, “Drug Users Fuel Violent Orgs,” that samples three different drug-users-fund-terrorists riffs from the early 2000s.

Lil’ Handsy can also lay down some old school 1970’s jams. Who can forget Former President Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon’s all-time great, “Turned the Corner (on Drug Addiction)?” Lil’ Handsy remixes it with a solid groove in the two-parter, “Drug-Free Society”:

“Part 1 – Drug-Free Society”:

“Part 2 – Overcome Addiction”:

But wait! If you order now, we’ll throw in the Donald Trump Reefer Madness MegaMix, “A Message About Drugs from Donald Trump and Nancy Reagan,” absolutely free!

Order Reefer Madness’ Greatest Hits: Drugs Are Very, Very Bad today! This offer could be abruptly ended without notice due to Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller or the 25th Amendment.

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