4 Times Donald Trump Flip-Flopped On His Marijuana Policy

Donald Trump seems to be changing up his opinions quite often. These opinions include important stances on policy, like marijuana policy.
4 Times Donald Trump Flip-Flopped On His Marijuana Policy

Donald Trump knows how important cannabis legalization is to millions of Americans. But the president supports few things absolutely. That’s because he profits from staying just flexible enough on the issues.

On legal pot, he often repeats what the last few presidents have said: wait and see. Although some members of his team, anti-marijuana politicians, want to crack down on legal weed, Donald Trump favors a cautious approach. He won’t use federal dollars to clamp down on existing cannabis business.

But he won’t end federal oversight either.

His Attorney General Jeff Sessions opposes weed. His man fighting the drug crisis, Chris Christie, wants to ban drugs. But one key moment explains his view on recreational drugs: the death of his older brother.

Donald Trump Tragedy

4 Times Donald Trump Flip-Flopped on Marijuana Policy

Freddy Trump died in 1981 at only 43, a victim of his own alcoholism. Donald Trump never forgot the tragic choices that led to his brother’s death. His biographies suggest he uses that memory to guide him.

But he’s typically honest about the medical benefits of cannabis among the gravely ill. So when the media asks President Trump what he thinks of legalizing weed, he sticks to these talking points.

But his actions tell a different story.

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