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4 Times Donald Trump Flip-Flopped On His Marijuana Policy

Donald Trump seems to be changing up his opinions quite often. These opinions include important stances on policy, like marijuana policy.

4 Times Donald Trump Flip-Flopped On His Marijuana Policy

The Colorado Example When He Switched On Medical Pot

4 Times Donald Trump Flip-Flopped On His Marijuana Policy

When asked if [Colorado] concerned him, Trump responded that “it’s a real problem.” But then Trump changed the subject, explaining that “there’s another problem… the book isn’t written on it yet, but there’s a lot of difficulty in terms of illness and what’s going on with the brain and the mind, and what it’s doing… it’s coming out, probably, over the next year or so.” (On The O’Reilly Factor segment, 2016)

Here, he might be hinting at negative effects but it’s unclear.

He praises the medical perks but shuns a state with a booming industry.

Because Trump wants Fox News viewers in his camp, he’s protecting them.

Some of his words even read like a script from a Fox talk show.

Final Hit: Donald Trump May Change His Mind Overnight

President Trump will change his views to suit the moment. For legal cannabis to happen, that’s not enough. ‘

The president needs to be as active as the members of his team who are opposing it. If not, the Jeff Sessions approach will direct him.

And we know where that leads.

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