Poll Looks At Cannabis Gifting And Use During The Holidays

A new poll indicates that more people are replacing booze with bud this holiday season.
Poll Looks At Cannabis Gifting And Use During The Holidays

The holidays are generally not associated with cannabis—can’t let your aunt catch a whiff of that wacky tobacky—and they ARE associated with alcohol—can’t deal with your aunt without a sip of the sauce. But a recent poll from Glass House Group reveals that cannabis is now often replacing alcohol during the holidays…and it’s also showing up as a stocking-stuffer. 

The consumer poll showed that more than 630 of those who responded said they prefer either flower, edibles, or pre-rolls when giving and receiving gifts. Most people surveyed also said that this year, they will be turning to cannabis instead of alcohol for some holiday relief. 

“As we close out another groundbreaking year for cannabis, this new poll reveals gifting cannabis products is one of the hottest consumer trends this holiday season,” said Glass House Group co-founder, chairman, and CEO Kyle Kazan in a press release. “We’re witnessing a paradigm shift and the poll shows that cannabis is becoming a mainstream choice for consumers. With health and wellness top of mind during the ongoing pandemic, it’s also not shocking that more consumers plan to replace alcohol consumption with cannabis this year. As we make our way into 2021, we will look forward to rolling out new products from Glass House Farms, bringing our customers new retail experiences and continuing to provide new insights into the fastest-growing consumer movement our country has seen in nearly a century.”

The Gift That Gives You A Lift

Most of those polled, precisely 52.6 percent, stated that they planned to give cannabis as a gift this year. Those gifts will mostly be to friends, coming in at 71.2 percent, but some will be to family, approximately 65.2 percent. 40.8 of those polled will be giving cannabis to significant others. 

The poll also broke things down further, looking at which cannabis products are most likely to be gifted. Flower will be the most-gifted product, at 65.8 percent, edibles were at 61.3 percent, and 54.7 percent of those polled said they will be gifting pre-rolls this season. 32.4 percent chimed in that they will be gifting CBD products. The order of products that cannabis users want to receive is similar: flower (69.3 percent), edibles (56.4 percent) and pre-rolls (51.3 percent); vapes (33.2 percent), and CBD products (25.4 percent).

Also, it’s noteworthy that of those asked, 64.2 percent plan to use cannabis this season instead of alcohol. Most polled also said they will replace alcohol with cannabis more often than they did in 2019, and a small percentage answered they are undecided if they will use cannabis instead of alcohol. 

Those who are turning to cannabis for relief this season cite needing a better night’s sleep (64 percent), general wellness (63.7 percent), and having fun (57.2 percent) as the main reasons for use. They also claimed to be using it for managing holiday stress (53.4 percent) and celebrating the season (45.6 percent). Others said they are using cannabis over the holidays to help with pain relief or enhance creativity. 

All in all, these results show that cannabis is becoming more accepted, and more used, each holiday season. 

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