Post Malone Reportedly Launching Cannabis Company Called Shaboink

TMZ reports that a California paraphernalia company will be supplying his flowers.
Post Malone Reportedly Launching Cannabis Company Called Shaboink
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Dissatisfied with resting on his laurels as one of Middle America’s favorite hip-pop artists, rapper Post Malone is starting a line of marijuana products. TMZ reports that the collection will be named after “a slang term for ‘the act of two people fornicating in a wild spontaneous fashion.’” Don’t rush away to Urban Dictionary on us — that term is “shaboink.”

What will Shaboink bring to your world? TMZ’s sources said it is a “line of flower, pre-roll joints, and vaporizers.” Those attending last weekend’s Hall of Flowers expo in Santa Rosa reportedly got a sneak peek of the goods — including a line of swag like branded grinders, rolling papers, hats, and stickers — but products won’t be hitting dispensary shelves until the Beerbongs & Bentleys rapper’s birthday on July 4th. The cannabis will allegedly by produced by California’s Hemper — which only kind of makes sense, since Hemper mainly distributes paraphernalia.

Will you be smoking the alleged weed of the man music critic Jeff Weiss once called “a Halloween rental, a removable platinum grill, a Cubic Zirconium proposal on the jumbo screen of a last-place team,” who “makes Macklemore look like Mac Dre”? Rest assured, someone’s going to be buying it; peruse Post Malone’s merch store to see that there may be a market for anything the man chooses to put his name on, from soccer balls to flashlights.  

When California voted to legalize recreational marijuana with 2016’s Proposition 64, the artist was queried on his views, again by TMZ; “This is good for everybody!” he said. “Weed is good for everybody. Ain’t nobody died from that shit. People die from drinking and driving every day.”

The rapper is launching his marijuana career in the middle of quite a streak of commercial success. Post Malone is currently on a world tour with the songs off of his latest album, and took the stage at this year’s Grammys ceremony to perform. His “Sunflower” single with Swae Lee off the Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse soundtrack went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in January. It was Post Malone’s third hit to rise to the top of the charts, after 2017’s “Rockstar” and 2018’s “Psycho.”  

Why not add cannabis to such a resume, some might ask?

Post Malone wasn’t the only rapper to present their proprietary cannabis line at the expo. ET Canada reports that other celebrities hawking their weed wares included talk show host Chelsea Handler and The Game, who has been in the marijuana game for several years via his Trees By Game line of flowers. The rapper, an early celebrity entrant into the cannabis industry, flipped his Santa Ana dispensary The Reserve in 2017 for a smooth $7 million. A few years ago, The Game sat down with High Times to talk about his long-standing involvement in the cannabis community.

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