Post Office Employees Busted For Shipping Weed

Two U.S. Post office employees busted for shipping weed face some serious drug trafficking charges.
Post Office Employees Busted For Shipping Weed

Shipping your marijuana always comes with considerable risk. While there are certain ways to limit said risk, those involved always face a large degree of precariousness. Two post office employees busted for shipping weed found this out the hard way. The two government employees and civil servants were arrested and convicted after it was discovered that they had taken advantage of their jobs in the package delivery service in a less-than-legal way.

A Botched Delivery

According to NBC Chicago, the black market cannabis shipping operation originally took place in 2016 and spanned over the course of five months.

51-year-old Marvin Jones and 44-year-old Angela Wansley, two U.S. Postal Service workers, would regularly intercept packages containing cannabis and several other unnamed drugs mailed by associate Jayson Smith, a co-defendant in the case.

According to prosecutors, Jones would tip off Smith about unused P.O. boxes and customers who placed mail-hold requests at the post office.

In turn, Smith would mail the drug packages to said locations, while tipping off Jones with mail-tracking information, to ensure Jones or Wansley could intercept the packages before they would get delivered.

Jones and Wansley would accept cash payments from Smith, or sometimes Courtney Poindexter, another defendant, in exchange for the packages.

Following an extensive four-day-trial, Jones and Wansley were convicted of accepting bribes to perform official postal duties, conspiring to commit obstruction of correspondence and obstruction of correspondence.

 If ultimately found guilty, the duo can face up to 15 years in prison for the bribery charge alone.

Additionally, the obstruction of correspondence and conspiracy to commit an obstruction of correspondence charges can result in an additional ten years of prison time, combined.

Final Hit: Post Office Employees Busted For Shipping Weed

Despite the plant being legal, to some degree, in 29 states and the District of Columbia, shipping marijuana can lead to a world of unnecessary trouble.

Even shipping within the confines of a weed-legal state could result in drug trafficking charges by the federal government.

Since cannabis still remains a highly illegal substance in the fed’s eye, it can result in a lengthy, and frankly, unfair prison sentence.

And considering both Jones and Wansley were, by definition, government employees under the U.S. Postal Service, their scheme could be seen as a somewhat treasonous act by governing officials, and met with stringent and swift punishment.

It’s unclear at the time what the other illicit substances in question were, but for pot alone, the notion of facing up to 25 years in prison is a ludicrous one.

Currently, there are no set dates for the sentencing hearings. Our guess is that the duo would rather know their fates sooner, rather than later.

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