Cannabis Companies Donate $50K to Wildfire Victims

Cannabis Companies Donate $50K to Wildfire Victims

A couple of cannabis companies under the “CannaCraft” brand are stepping up to help those in need. Any medical marijuana patients who were displaced or evacuated because of the Northern California fires are eligible to receive complimentary cannabis products. When cannabis companies donate $50K to wildfire victims, it’s hard to argue that legal cannabis is causing harm.

CannaCraft Being Kind

Many victims of the wildfires have lost their homes, including members of CannaCraft’s staff. Their growing facility is in Northern California, so the impact of the wildfire hit close to home.

Over 120,000 acres of land have burned and upwards of 25,000 residents have been evacuated. Thousands of homes and businesses were lost, and there are still hundreds of missing and injured people out there.

CannaCraft’s manufacturing facility in Santa Rosa was fortunately unaffected and remains operational. The brand claims they “are committed to continuing to serve our patients and helping rebuild” the community. Products made out of their facility, like AbsoluteXtracts vape pens and Be Kind Flowers, will be gifted to medical marijuana patients hurting from the damage caused by the fire.

The brand has partnered with the following dispensaries who will be distributing the free medicine: Mercy Wellness in Cotati, SPARC/Peace in Medicine on Dutton Avenue in Santa Rosa, Emerald Pharms in Hopland and Solful in Sebastopol.

On top of the free product, CannaCraft is working to directly aid wildfire victims.

In fact, the brand is evaluating all resources they can lend to the community including vehicles, property, facilities and equipment. They are also donating a portion of all CannaCraft sales to assist in local relief and rebuilding efforts.

If all that wasn’t enough, the company is converting its headquarters in Santa Rosa into a shelter for evacuees and first responders. The shelter is expected to house up to 80 people and should be operational by this weekend.

CannaCraft Products

If cannabis companies donate $50k to wildfire victims, you might assume they care about people. You’d assume correctly because companies under the CannaCraft brand are consistent, completely transparent and all about the patients.

All of their products are made with cannabis from family farms in Northern California.  You can watch a walkthrough video of their facilities and see the testing their products go through before they reach dispensary shelves.

AbsoluteXtracts has some of the best vape pens on the market. Every cartridge is strain specific, with lab testing results printed on the side of each package. They CO2 process all of their extracts, ensuring no solvents or unwanted residuals are left in the final product. To top it all off, they don’t have any cutting agents or additives in their pens. Their only ingredient? Cannabis oil.

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