10 Pot Stories That Will Define 2018

The most influential pot stories of 2018.
10 Pot Stories That Will Define 2018

As 2018 beckons, there will be a whole host of new dank developments and cannabis current events that will shape the progress of pot politics and the legalization landscape from sea to shining sea—and beyond.  With that in mind, rather than the typical look back at the year that was, we’re taking a prognosticating peek at the year to come in cannabis.

The most encouraging aspect of crafting this particular list is that there were far, far more than 10 items that could have been included. In fact, there are so many potentially impacting pot stories around the bend, in some cases, we broke them down into categories to sneak in multiple mentions! 

So take note of this soon-to-be news and these future newsmakers that will define the dank in 2018, and one year from now, look back at how much these stories ending up meaning when it came to legal marijuana.

10. Pot Pop Culture  

10 Pot Stories That Will Define 2018

The year 2018 will surely bring another slew of cannabis-themed TV shows, movies and music, along with other THC-inspired art forms.

Included in the medium of celluloid will be the documentary film, Lady Buds: Women Elevating the Cannabis Industry. Talk about a pot-doc that’s long overdue—it’s been reported that 26 percent of U.S. cannabis businesses are owned or founded by women—so it’s high time they were featured in their own film! With a $500,000 budget, this documentary aims to shine a wide spotlight on the females who have made their mark when it comes to legal cannabis commerce. Per the film’s IMDb page, Lady Buds is directed by Chris J. Russo, and the film features Karyn Wagner, the founder of Paradigm Medical Marijuana

If comedy is more your thing, there’s the upcoming TV series The High Five, described on the show’s website (without a listed network) as a quintet of “best buds” running a cannabis business. The cannabis cast includes Olivia Solomons playing “Indica,” though the most intriguing character to us might be “Uncle Lungs,” played by Darren Andrichuk. 

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