Pro-Pot Doc Fighting Big Pharma Stabbed to Death at Home

Pro-Pot Doctor Fighting Big Pharma Stabbed to Death at Home
Photo: The Jamaican Blogs

Pro-pot doctor, eye specialist, noted cannabis activist and Big Pharma opposer Dr. Sonya-Kay Forbes was found stabbed to death at her home on Arthur Wint Drive in Kingston, Jamaica recently. Police say it’s unclear whether Forbes was murdered or if she died of self-inflicted stab wounds.

Tragedy in Kingston

Last Wednesday, Forbes, a former Miss Jamaica-turned-eye specialist, was discovered in her bedroom around 7:20 p.m. by a family member. She had suffered a fatal stab wound to her abdomen.

While St. Andrew Central Police have not officially ruled out suicide, those close to Forbes claims she was “in no way suicidal.”

Police said they have no leads at the moment and are still investigating the death in hopes of uncovering further information.

“At this time, the matter is still being treated as a death investigation, not as a murder or a homicide,” authorities told local sources. “We are now awaiting the coroner’s report to determine the cause of death, the information will also be used to inform detectives how they will proceed in the matter.”

Forbes and Cannabis

Forbes was working as a medical eye specialist and senior resident at Kingston Public Hospital. She was reportedly a long-time cannabis advocate who studied the effects of cannabis on vision. In particular, she was part of a study that proved cannabis could improve the eyesight of patients with long-term vision issues.

In some of her most important work, Forbes researched the effects cannabinoids have on tadpoles. She discovered that cannabinoids—a class of chemicals naturally produced by the cannabis plant—can make certain retina cells more sensitive to light. She also found that cannabinoids can improve the speed at which eyes respond to light.

Her studies were based on observations of Jamaican fishermen who were regular cannabis users, and who tended to have exceptional vision at night.

In addition to her vision research, Forbes advocated for the use of medicinal cannabis to treat cancer and other terminal illnesses that typically require expensive and painful treatments. 

Furthermore, Forbes was reportedly advocating for additional government funding into advanced research for the medicinal use of cannabis. Her main goal was to help hospitals and medical facilities give patients alternatives to traditional Big Pharma prescription drugs. 

Many Mourn the Death of Pro-Pot Doctor Sonya-Kay Forbes

Unfortunately, the world lost another voice in the cannabis revolution. While it’s unclear if Forbes was murdered due to her potentially controversial views on medical marijuana, it’s obvious her work won’t go unnoticed. As cannabis continues to become legal on a much larger scale, expect Forbes and her life’s work to serve as a template for the medical community for years to come.

In the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, many in her community took to social media to express their love and respect for Forbes.

On Facebook, one man wrote: “Teary eyes, speechless . . . Smh . . . You’re like a sister, friend and a mentor to me, words can’t explain how I am feeling right now.”

A post from another community member said: “How can this be? I am in utter shock. Rest in peace Sonya-Kay Forbes.”

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