The Quarantine Cop List: IV

The neverending pandemic continues, and so does my dope shit rundown.
The Quarantine Cop List: IV

WHAT A ROLLERCOASTER 2020 HAS BEEN! From being locked in our homes to finally seeing a (hopeful) end to the rise of dictatorship in America, you’ve been through the ringer. As we move into the final stretch I just want to take a moment to thank weed for getting us all through it. It looked gritty like, a lot of the time, but we’re basically done (with the year and the presidency, but maybe not the pandemic) so that’s gotta count for something. Proud of you all. 

With the craziness of the past few weeks around spiking numbers and losing cheetos, I personally have gone way overboard on trying to find new dopeness. My dopamine levels needed it, and I bet yours do too. So, I am pleased to present you with another Cop List. (Yup, that term is ours again) This month I have some heat that’s less canna-focused, some that are less product-focused, and some that are just straight weed for the fam in Cali.

The Quarantine Cop List: IV
Courtesy of Puffco

Puffco Peak Pro

This shouldn’t be surprising to really anyone, but the new Puffco is muy caliente. The new design feels a lot more sturdy than the initial model, but don’t worry about having to buy a whole slew of new attachments as your bubblers are indeed compatible with the new edition. While this really is mostly just an improved version of the initial Peak, there are a few features worth mentioning:The wireless charging is huge, and their new dock system seems like it’s going to be a big help considering the battery problems of the initial model. That said, I’ve been ripping mine for a few weeks now and still haven’t needed to recharge, so it looks like Puffco really listened to the feedback from it’s community when making this new unit. Next, the burn. Unlike older models, there’s next to no souping in this one unless you’re taking giant globs. Finally, the app, while it may not seem like an important addition, is huge in dialing in the functionality that’s unique to you. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention how beautiful this thing is when it’s glowing—lantern mode seems like one of those functions you’ll never use, but let me tell you—it’s been glowing in my bedroom nightly, even when I’m not using it.

The Quarantine Cop List: IV
Courtesy of MooseLabs

MouthPeace Mini (joint / blunt filters)

After coincidentally having the most 2020-appropriate product on the market, the team at Mooselabs has done it again. Shrinking down their ever-popular filtration device, lay your eyes on the MouthPeace Mini, small enough for those of us that prefer paper-based smokes. It’s been a long year of smoking personals, and I don’t know if I can speak for everyone here, but I’m looking forward to getting back to the communion that comes from sharing a doob with your people. While it may be awhile before we can do this safely without protection, Mooselabs has come through to make sure we don’t have to go without.

The Quarantine Cop List: IV
Courtesy of Harp Designs

Harp Designs Roach Clip

If you know me personally you know pretty much the only thing I’m smoking everyday, consistently, are joints. I’ve mentioned before my love for Big Bambus, and my lack of love for filters, and with years of chiefing under my belt my fingertips are pretty heat-resistant. That said, most of the people I smoke with don’t fit into that category, and a filter, or something to hold that will not get as hot, is helpful. While I’ve seen a LOT of roach clips in my day, I’ve yet to find anything that feels as classy and just perfect as Harp Designs Roach Clip. The differently-bended bobby-pin is perfectly shaped to fit the doob’s mouthpiece, while not only keeping your fingertips safe, but looking stylish as well. As we get closer to the holidays this is definitely going to be on my gift list for the ladies in my circle.

The Quarantine Cop List: IV
Courtesy of Spotify

Spotify’s Pollen Playlist

Okay, so this one’s a departure from my norm for sure, but wow is this a great soundtrack to virtually everything. I’ve been cyphing this for the past few months and they’re consistently adding new heat, but after a recent trip through the depths of my mind I’ve found a whole new love for it. While this tracklist would be a journey on it’s own given the breadth of genres and emotions it covers, it seemingly perfectly compliments any activity I’ve pit against it. Their motto, ‘Quality first always,’ not only describes the tunes included within, but the feeling you’re going to get from them as well.

The Quarantine Cop List: IV
Courtesy of Topps

Topps Project 2020

This project was originally brought to my attention back in April when we interviewed one of my favorite artists, Gregory Siff, and I’ve kept close watch since. For Baseball fans this should be a quick click-though, but for the rest of us, especially those of us who aren’t huge sports fans, this is worth checking out. Not only are we in a time when collectible trading is reaching all time highs, but Topps Project 2020 has simply made collecting cards fun again. The limited time drops and constant flow of new work makes it hard to look away. (That’s before mentioning the fact that the homie just made the DOPEST Dodgers logo card to celebrate their World Series win) From Ermsy to Fucci this ‘art project’ has introduced me to some new favorites I’d never heard of before, and reignited the love for some of old favs I didn’t know I was missing, like Grotesk!

The Quarantine Cop List: IV
Courtesy of Uzumaki Gallery

New on my radar but someone I’m looking forward to keeping an eye on is Uzumaki Cepeda, who just opened her first gallery in DTLA. Also showing at DELI by Caliva’s Bellflower shop, Uzumaki is a Bronx-born, LA-based mixed medium artist who’s brilliant use of color and faux-fur creates the sort of bubbly feeling you remember getting from recess as a kid, while providing the kind of vibe that makes you want to immediately drop acid and stroke the furry walls. Not only is her work fire, but she’s positioned her gallery as a community show space, lending her walls to other artists that also need visibility. I told you I’ll be watching, but I would suggest keeping your eye on her / following her insta as well—she’s going to produce some amazing work.

The Quarantine Cop List: IV
Courtesy of Hervé

Hervé Macarons

I know I talk a lot about California, and LA focused stuff, so here’s something for the homies out in Nevada. In case you haven’t heard about them yet, allow me to put Hervé on your radar. These GORGEOUS infused French Luxury Macarons each contain 10mg of sativa-leaning THC, with a focus on Delta 9, and taste just as good as they look. Coming from the team that created Le Mirage, rest assured that you’ll always look just as good consuming as you’ll feel.

The Quarantine Cop List: IV
Courtesy of Glass House

Glass House Grower’s Choice

Glass House may be a new name for some of you, but you’ve likely seen some of their collaborations out in the wild already. From Bella Thorne’s Forbidden Flowers, to the recent Partynextdoor PartyPack, Glass House has been quietly operating some powerhouses while sitting on one of the largest greenhouses in California. Their latest release, the Grower’s Choice line, features – you guessed it – the best of their best, as chosen by the cultivators themselves. The initial launch released fire cuts of MAC 1, Purple Gelato, and even Runtz, and while it may not be grown under LEDs, these nugs have no problem standing against traditional indoor varietals.

The Quarantine Cop List: IV
Courtesy of Zkittles

Zkittles Preroll Packs

I wanna throw a quick shout out to the Terp Hogz team for their new and improved preroll pack design. Those guys heard from their consumers that there was a little too much plastic involved in these packs and they didn’t take the feedback lightly. They went ahead and redesigned their packs to be entirely paper-based which is not only much more eco friendly, it’s also easier to open, so it’s a win all around. In case you didn’t know, the Terp Hogz are the phenohunters that brought the world Zkittles—aka the Original Z—so not only are they legendary with the strain breeding, but they’re truly leading by example.

The Quarantine Cop List: IV
Courtesy of Kiva Confections

Lost Farm Edibles

If you’re looking for an edible you’re going to feel, look no further than Lost Farm. Spinning out of Kiva Confections, the guys that brought us Camino and the chocolate covered blueberries, this new line is focused on a more refined consumer—one that’s looking to double down in terms of dosage, and is looking to appreciate a bit more of the cannabis flavor. Made with live resin and providing 10 mg per piece as opposed to the 5 mg of THC included in Camino’s gummies, I will say these felt more powerful than the typical 100 mg pack of weed candy. Not only that, but they really did nail the flavor game on this one. Their Clementine flavor is worth writing home about, and I’m not even a big citrus guy!

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