Rasta Relish: The Ultimate Cannabis-Infused Condiment

Cannabis condiments add a little bit of THC to grilled sausages and bratwurst for special summer celebrations.
Rasta Relish: The Ultimate Cannabis-Infused Condiment
Elise McDonough

Versatile and easy to dose, cannabis-infused condiments and sauces add valuable flexibility to medicated menu planning. In a social setting like a backyard BBQ party where some people want to eat weed and others don’t, offering a clearly labeled cannabis-infused ketchup, mustard or relish empowers guests to choose their own adventure. This is an approach long favored by Chef Payton Curry, who has added CBD-infused Dijon and honey mustard and curry ketchup to the menu at Brat Haus, his German-inspired beer garden and artisanal sausage spot in Scottsdale, Arizona.

At a recent “Blazed & Infused” dining event, Curry rolled out his inspired strategy for medicated menu planning. Start with CBD cocktails and microdosed THC appetizers, and gradually increase the THC throughout the night. Getting CBD into the system first allows partygoers to enjoy their cannabis cuisine without getting overwhelmed by psychoactive effects, balancing the high with comforting calmness.

This recipe for Payton’s pepper relish adds just a dollop of THC to grilled sausages and bratwurst, or as an accompaniment to cheese and charcuterie plates. You can also purée it for use as a sandwich spread. Using cannabis-infused olive oil means that this recipe will hold nicely in the fridge for months, and it’s great to jar up a big batch and give this Rasta Relish as a hostess gift.


3 tablespoon unmedicated olive oil

1 yellow onion, julienned

1 red onion, julienned

6-8 garlic cloves

2 red bell peppers, seeded and julienned

2 green bell peppers, seeded and julienned

2 yellow bell peppers, seeded and julienned

1 cup white wine

1 teaspoon salt

¼ to ½ cup cannabis-infused olive oil*


In a large pot, heat the unmedicated olive oil over medium-low heat for a few minutes, until you begin to smell the fragrance of the oil. Once the olive oil is hot, add onions, garlic and a pinch of salt. (The salt will draw out some water in the onions, preventing its sugar from being burned.) Cook for three to five minutes, savoring the amazing aroma of this classic combo!

Once the onions are cooked down, add peppers and cook for five to 10 minutes over medium heat. Don’t try to brown the pepper mixture (you may notice a little on the bottom of the pan, which is fine).

After the peppers have cooked down, turn the heat up to medium-high and add the white wine. Cook until the wine has reduced nearly all the way, about 10 minutes.

Remove from heat and let cool. Place the mixture into the bowl of a food processor. Add salt and cannabis-infused olive oil and process until smooth. Allow to cool to room temperature before serving.

*The potency of your relish will vary depending on the strength of your cannabis-infused olive oil.

This feature was published in the June 2018 issue of High Times magazine. Subscribe right here.

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