Red White & Bloom Launches High Times Branded Cannabis Products In Michigan

Red White & Bloom Launches High Times Branded Cannabis Products In Michigan

Multistate cannabis operator Red White & Bloom announced on Monday that it is launching a new line of marijuana products to be sold under the High Times brand name at its retailers in Michigan. The move comes following an announcement from High Times in January that the company would be leveraging its prominence with cannabis consumers with a foray into licensed retail sales.

Brad Rogers, the chairman and CEO of Red White & Bloom (RWB), said in a press release that the partnership with High Times furthers his company’s drive to assemble a premium portfolio of popular cannabis brands for Michigan’s regulated market.

“There is no cannabis brand in the world like High Times,” said Rogers. “As the most well-known brand in the community, High Times helped light the way before many of us had even thought about the space. We are on the cusp of a new beginning for both our brands. One that will define RWB and High Times as the best-in-class for generations to come. We are very excited to bring this important goal to fruition and have plans for many other instantly recognizable High Times initiatives. With the rights to High Times and Platinum Vape, RWB has the most recognizable cannabis brands in the market  today.” 

Red White & Bloom Launches High Times Branded Cannabis Products In Michigan
Courtesy of Red White & Bloom

Line Includes Flower, Vapes, Gummies, And Pre-Rolls

Under the agreement, RWB will market two distinct lines of products sold under the High Times brand, known as Red Label and Black Label, with offerings including cannabis flower, vapes, gummies, and pre-rolls. The two lines, which are expected to encompass more than 30 individual SKUs of High Times branded products, will be available for preorder at RWB retailers beginning on Wednesday. Initial shipments of the products are expected to commence in the first quarter of 2021, subject to regulatory approval.

Peter Horvath, the CEO of High Times, said that the relationship with RWB will help cement the brand’s presence in the retail cannabis market.

“With a history as vibrant as ours, every move matters, and each new step in a business’s roadmap is critical,” said Horvath. “As the most recognizable brand in cannabis, making the jump into selling actual cannabis products was a huge step in our evolution—but ensuring the proper execution was essential. We’re extremely proud and excited to release our collaboration with RWB for the world to consume!”

Deal Struck In June

The two companies first announced that they had struck a licensing agreement in June. The deal includes plans for RWB to operate dispensaries and market products under the High Times brand name in Florida and Illinois as well as Michigan.

“High Times is a 46-year-old brand with an immense amount of recognition and credibility across the world,” Horvath said at the time. “Licensing the High Times name, advising on dispensary operations, and providing input on product development allows the company to drive significant revenue from licensing fees without assuming the complexity associated with owning and operating dispensaries and scaled cultivation and manufacturing facilities nationwide. RWB has built an incredible and expansive retail footprint in a quick time frame that we can strengthen through applying the High Times Brand.”

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