Are Regular Weed Smokers More Likely To Have Sex?

Reports are coming in that researchers confirm that weed leads to more sex. But why was this study even necessary?
It's Official: Researchers Confirm That Weed Leads To More Sex

The rumors are true: researchers confirm that weed leads to more sex. The study outline the relationship between cannabis consumption and sexual activity was released today. Here are all the titillating details.

A Sexy Study

It's Official: Researchers Confirm That Weed Leads To More Sex

Today, a new study was published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. The study, officially titled Association Between Marijuana Use and Sexual Frequency in the United States: A Population-Based Study, delineates the relationship between weed and sex. Specifically, the researchers involved in the study, Drs. Michael L. Eisenberg and Andrew J. Sun, wanted to explore the presence of a correlation between smoking pot and having sex.

The study was survey-based. The researchers conducted a series of studies over the course of over ten years. The survey asked specific questions about frequency of cannabis consumption. And of course, the frequency of sexual activity. For this last question, the researchers only wanted to know how often the participants had sex in the four weeks leading up to the survey. According to the published abstract of the study, the researchers controlled for a variety of factors and demographics, including socioeconomic status, age, race and level of education.

The results were staggering. Well, not everyone would find them surprising. According to the survey results, both female and male pot-smoking survey participants reported significantly more sex than those who did not smoke pot. Here’s an exact figure. The weed-using participants had 20 percent more sexual activity than the participants who never smoked weed.

What Does It Mean?

It's Official: Researchers Confirm That Weed Leads To More Sex

While this study might seem like an absolute win for cannabis enthusiasts, we need to remember to take these results with a grain of salt. For one, the study only seemed to focus on heterosexual weed smokers and only seemed to consider sex to be intercourse. This means that the surveys excluded a major demographic: the LGBTQ population.

The other issue is that the study was a self-reported survey. If you have taken even an intro level psychology or statistics course, you would know that self-reported surveys are not ideal in terms of getting solid results. Especially when it comes to studying sex. We all know people who lie and exaggerate about that area about their life.

But even with the presence of these factors, the implications of this study are significant. Official, trained researchers confirm that weed leads to more sex. Furthermore, the study shows that cannabis does not negatively impact one’s sex drive or sexual function. Although, the researchers did not report any evidence that weed by itself increases libido.

Final Hit: Researchers Confirm That Weed Leads To More Sex

You might be wondering why studies like this are even necessary. We, the cannabis-loving community, have been saying for years that weed is an aphrodisiac. Most people who have smoked cannabis will report that getting has led to better sex. But anecdotal evidence isn’t enough. Especially when it comes to a controversial subject like cannabis. And sex. In general, people respond better to research and data and numbers than they do to anecdotes about awesome stoner sex. And so, for the time being at least, we need researchers publishing studies about the benefits of weed to add legitimacy to our claims.

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