RSPCA Removes Pet Monkey Who Was Forced To Inhale Weed Smoke

A sad story of negligence and irresponsibility as RSPCA removes pet monkey who was forced to inhale weed smoke.
RSPCA Removes Pet Monkey Who Was Forced To Inhale Weed Smoke

When it comes down to it, there are simply two types of cannabis users in today’s ever-expanding weed community: responsible users and irresponsible users. While most of us can be categorized under the former, there still remains a fair share of people who continue to misuse the plant and make it hard for the burgeoning cannabis community to properly thrive. Another such case of sheer ignorance and negligent behavior occurred in London where the reports originated: the RSPCA removes pet monkey who was forced to inhale weed smoke.

The Case

23-year-old Joe Forrestal of Brent has officially been banned from keeping animals in his home after the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals discovered his pet marmoset in what was described as “heartbreaking” conditions.

According to the animal activist group, the monkey spent its days cooped up alone in a metal cage, while being exposed to a substantial amount of marijuana smoke within the confines of Forrestal’s home. The group says Forrestal also failed to feed his pet the proper food.

“Poor Caesar was kept in completely inappropriate conditions which was heartbreaking to see. When we entered the room there was such a strong smell of cannabis it was overpowering,” RSPCA deputy chief inspector Nicole Broster said, per

“Marmosets are also very social animals and poor Caesar was being kept on his own,” the report continues. “He was very lonely and made high pitched ‘contact calls’ suggesting he was looking for companions – it was very distressing to hear.”

The report also states that Caesar was held indoors in a chinchilla cage, which is inadequate. Forrestal also failed to provide appropriate food and environmental stimulation.

According to Broster, the RSPCA was originally tipped off about a pet monkey being exposed to a high concentration of marijuana odor. After being exposed to Forrestal’s home, along with additional testing, the notion was confirmed.

“We had been told he was being kept in an environment where he was exposed to cannabis smoke and so forensic tests were immediately carried out on a sample of his fur, Broster said. “This tested positive for cannabis exposure. It is completely unacceptable for an animal to be exposed to this.”

During an ensuing hearing at the Willesden Magistrates’ Court, Forrestal admitted to two counts of failing to meet the welfare needs of a marmoset in his care between the dates of September 28, 2017, and November 1, 2017.

On Thursday, he was banned from keeping any animals in his residence for five years and forced to pay the RSPCA £1,000 (around $1,400 USD) in compensation, in addition to £300 (approximately $425 USD) prosecution charge and a £30($42.53) victim surcharge.

Final Hit: RSPCA Removes Pet Monkey Who Was Forced To Inhale Weed Smoke

Whether its cases of animal negligence, parental misguidance, or even the trafficking of illegal marijuana, it’s obvious not everyone involved in the cannabis community is willing to play by the rules. Unfortunately, that’s just human nature. But on a larger scale, it shows the differences between human interaction and morality. Hopefully, these isolated cases don’t distort the public’s view of cannabis smokers as a whole, or potentially impede the mass legalization of the plant going forward.

And even more importantly, that this animal finds a new home, and finally gets to see the quality of life it deserves.

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