Sephora is Now Carrying Lord Jones CBD Lotion

Fans of Lord Jones CBD-infusions swear by their ability to sooth pain and ease stress and tension.
Sephora is Now Carrying Lord Jones' CBD Lotion
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Cosmetics and beauty company Sephora is expanding its lineup of CBD-infused personal care products. The latest addition is Lord Jones’ CBD lotion. Lord Jones is one of the leading creators and distributors of CBD-infused products, with a reputation for high-quality and consistent results. Lord Jones products enjoy an almost cult-like following, and now consumers can pick them up at virtually any Sephora nationwide.

Lord Jones Pain-Relieving CBD Lotion Now Available At Sephora

Cannabis products are continuing their trendy takeover of health and beauty products. From creams to lotions, gels and makeup, non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) has found its way into everything health and beauty-related. And for good reason, too. CBD offers a range of therapeutic and wellness benefits. It’s an anti-inflammatory, a pain reliever and it can help balance your mood and ease stress and anxiety.

When it comes to the CBD-infused health and beauty market, Lord Jones calls its High CBD Formula Lotion a game-changer. With CBD derived from organic hemp cultivated in the USA and containing zero THC, Lord Jones doesn’t make its lotion with CBD isolate. Instead, it uses full-spectrum CBD oil that preserves the plant’s terpenes and cannabinoid structure. This lotion is “whole plant,” eschewing heavy processing.

Lord Jones says its High CBD Formula is super-moisturizing. And its CBD infusion also makes it ideal for recovery after a tough workout, relieving cramps and everyday muscle soreness. The CBD gets some help from organic Shea butter with natural vitamins and fatty acids. There’s also a splash of menthyl ethylamido oxalate, a natural compound that imparts a cooling sensation as it stimulates blood flow beneath the skin. Those ingredients, combined, make Lord Jones CBD lotion an effective anti-inflammatory and analgesic as well as an ideal moisturizer.

Everyone, Including Celebrities, Loves Lord Jones CBD Lotion

The internet is awash with rave reviews of Lord Jones’ CBD lotion. And celebrities are 100 percent on board. Chelsea Handler and Busy Philipps swear by it, according to HuffPo. And Olivia Wilde says it’s her go-to lotion.

Lord Jones isn’t just in the business of making CBD-infused lotion. The company also makes a top-quality line of other CBD products, including tinctures, edibles and oils. But its therapeutic body lotion is only available at Sephora.

A 50 mL bottle of the High CBD Formula lotion goes for $60 online with free shipping. While you wait for yours to arrive, you can page through the dozens of 5-star product reviews. The product packaging is simple and well-designed. Each perfect pump dispenses lotion containing 2 mg of CBD. Lord Jones recommends rubbing one or two pumps into the affected area and allowing the lotion to fully absorb. And you won’t mind waiting. The herbal, lush aromas are soothing on their own!

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