Smart Approaches to Marijuana Exec Attacks ‘Fake’ Cannabis Research on Fox

Smart Approaches to Marijuana slammed medical cannabis research on Fox News.

Anti-cannabis political organization Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) was represented on Fox News primetime to expose what they believe to be fake research promoted in greed by the cannabis industry. SAM is a political organization opposed to cannabis legalization and commercialization, specifically pushing for penalties for cannabis use.

Executive Vice President of SAM Luke Niforatos joined Laura Ingraham on The Ingraham Angle to discuss how “Big Cannabis” is funding UCLA, Harvard, and MIT studies on the efficacy of cannabis for medical purposes.

“The mainstreaming of pot has come at the same time the drug has increased exponentially in its potency, its THC levels,” warned Ingraham, linking it to “violent behavior.” Ingraham frequently explores the dangers of pot and blamed “pot psychosis” due to widespread legalization for the rise in mass shooting incidents. 

Niforatos then delivered a new mixed bag of reefer madness and hysteria: “Big marijuana is terrified right now, because there are now volumes of research telling us that this new super-charged marijuana that the industry is pumping out is causing psychosis, schizophrenia,” Niforatos said. “We’re seeing addiction rates go up. They’re targeting our kids. All kinds of car crashes on the roads! So all of this is coming out of the research.”

“So what do they do?” Niforatos said, referring to the cannabis industry. “They go to their big brother tobacco, who—by the way is their biggest investor—and they start pumping out fake, bogus research. I’m telling you right now: One of the people that funded the millions of dollars for UCLA’s research on marijuana—that company was called ‘Nugs.’ It’s not run by Sir. Isaac Newton, right?”

Independent Research

Niforatos was referring to an investigative piece by the Los Angeles Times exploring the funding behind cannabis research. Specifically, UCLA researchers were confronted with claims about their lab research being truly independent.

Niforatos went on to describe how the people behind cannabis companies should not be taken seriously.

“These are the canna-bros running these companies, and they’re not trying to advance scientific research, they’re paying for publicity and misinformation, which is exactly what Big Tobacco did, they killed millions of Americans to make a buck, and that’s exactly what marijuana wants to do along with their Big Tobacco investors,” he said.

SAM was founded in reaction to legalization efforts in Colorado and Washington by former Congressman Patrick Kennedy, who supported medical but not recreational cannabis, as well as former White House drug policy adviser Kevin Sabet, David Frum, and others.

However, SAM has been criticized for cherry-picking negative stats from studies about pot.

  1. As author Adams notes, both Fox and Sabet are shills for the prohibitionist profiteers, primarily the “cops, prison guards, alcohol merchants, pharma” the bogus “treatment” quacks. They have carried out their campaign of lies for many years. Since they are together here, they are naturally ecstatic in their circular massage of demonizing marijuana and consumers.

    Being the right wing marching band, Fox also likes the fraudulently enacted marijuana prohibition for the reason President Nixon ramped it up into a “War on Drugs.” It was actually a war on his imagined “enemies” – Blacks and Progressive activist youth (“hippies”). That persecution continues to successfully oppress them from political participation.

    Their job has always been to stop re-legalization by telling every lie about marijuana they can get away with. Marijuana activist and pod-caster Russ Belville (Radical Russ) dogged a Sabet tour in Oregon with the truth and soon ran Sabet out of the state! – We need to follow that example and shut him down at every appearance and media/web presence.

  2. SAM is not an organization. It’s Keven Sabet. “Executive Vice President” Luke Niforatos is just a mouthpiece Sabet hired to try and inflate SAM into something bigger than it is.

  3. Meanwhile, the conservatives are still saying pot had 2% THC in 1990. The Chem strains came from bag weed that was 20%+ THC in 1991

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