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Soccer Fans May Bring Medical Marijuana to Russia For FIFA World Cup

This is certainly a first: soccer fans may bring medical marijuana to Russia for FIFA World Cup.

Soccer Fans May Bring Medical Marijuana to Russia For FIFA World Cup

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is set to take place in Russia this year, so naturally, there will be some in-house rules that will vastly differentiate from what we are accustomed to seeing. One such stipulation would be the allowance of otherwise illicit substances into the stadium, including medical marijuana, provided fans supply proof they are to be used for proper medicinal reasons. That’s right: Soccer fans may bring medical marijuana to Russia for FIFA World Cup.

Substances Allowed At The World Cup

According to The Moscow Times, The Eurasian Economic Union will allow soccer fans to bring banned substances into the stadium, so long as they have the medical documents to prove its medicinal value.

According to the regulations, fans will be allowed to bring a plethora of otherwise illicit substances, including medical marijuana, cocaine, and even heroin.

While the decision certainly seems like one of questionable ethics, Russia’s 2018 World Cup Organizing Committee claims the drugs will be heavily regulated, and that there will be law enforcement officers throughout the stadium verifying each and every medical document for proper authenticity.

“Security officers will monitor the enforcement of rules for carrying prescription drugs to stadium grounds at checkpoints,” the organizing committee said.

Additionally, Russia’s Federal Customs Service has said they would require fans with any drugs to fill out a customs declaration before entering the stadium.

The country is set to host the World Cup from June 14 to July 15 in 11 major Russian cities, including Moscow, Saransk.St. Petersburg and Sochi.

Final Hit: Soccer Fans May Bring Medical Marijuana to Russia For FIFA World Cup

This is certainly a strange development for the 2018 World Cup.

The country, which was awarded rights to the game back in 2010, has seen it’s fair share of controversies over the past several years, so this remains a minuscule issue. But a bizarre one, nevertheless.

While one can see the allowance of medical marijuana to the games, it’s difficult to envision any organization allowing hard drugs like cocaine and heroin into the stadium.

Then again, for a country that once considered beer a soft drink, perhaps this notion isn’t so ludicrous, relative to the environment.

And if you want to factor in the notion that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the United States federal government considers marijuana on par with heroin, and a whole Schedule worse than cocaine, it’s not all that surprising that the three substances were lumped together.

This should make for a very interesting World Cup.

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