Sonic Is Begging Customers to Stop Smoking Weed In Drive-Thru

The days of consuming cannabis in the Sonic drive-thru are officially over.
Sonic Is Begging Customers to Stop Smoking Weed In Drive-Thru

This week, the fast food restaurant Sonic is begging customers to stop smoking weed in the drive-thru. This comes after the Mississippi Sonic reported an epidemic of stoned drivers. Here’s the story.

The Restaurant In Question

A Mississippi-based Sonic reported that two weeks ago a drive-thru customer rolled down their window to order food, and blew smoke into an employee’s face. This was the last straw for Sonic employees, sick of their stoned clientele.

Shortly after the smoking blowing incident, manager Yasman Freeman put a sign in the window of the Gulfport restaurant.

According to The Sun Herald, the sign reads: “If you are smoking weed in the drive-thru you will not be served! Please show some common courtesy and smoke and air out before pulling up to order.”

Freeman explains that the smoke-blowing incident prompted the sign installation, but this has been a longtime problem. Employees were exasperated by the sheer volume of marijuana they were smelling as customers pulled up for a bacon melt cheeseburger.

How Has This Affected The 420-Friendly?

Sonic Is Begging Customers to Stop Smoking Weed In Drive-Thru
Patrick Ochs

According to the manager of the Sonic restaurant in question, employees are reportedly smelling less ganja than ever before. This may have less to do with the sign than the pictures Sonic security cameras are taking of smoking customers.

A Brief History of Marijuana and the Drive-Thru

Nothing makes you want a burger and fries more than a little Mary J. And sometimes, there’s no better place to go for weed than the drive-thru. Last year, a New Hampshire Burger King employee was caught selling weed at the drive-thru.

Local police arrested 20-Year-Old Garret Norris and his shift manager, Meagan Dearborn, for their marijuana operation. According to Epping, New Hampshire Police Chief Mike Wallace, customers would order a ‘Nasty Boy’ with extra crispy fries and receive a very special order.

Cases of the opposite have even been reported. Two employees at a Washington State drive-thru accepted dabs in exchange for fast food. Jonah Tacoma, who offered the Frugals employees dabs as payment for a burger and fries, videotaped the whole thing. Dabstars then used the video to promoted legalization.

Some marijuana-friendly states are taking the marijuana-fast food marriage to the next level with the medical marijuana drive-thru. Last year, Sun City, Arizona opened All Greens Dispensary. It’s located at the intersection of Bell Road and 99th Avenue.

The medical marijuana drive-thru better caters to patients who are elderly or disabled. It’s convenient, and also safer, according to All Greens Dispensary CEO Anthony Harrington.

Final Hit: Sonic Is Begging Customers to Stop Smoking Weed In Drive-Thru

No one is surprised that Sonic has some super stoned customers. While you can’t really top fast food while high, and a drive-thru is pretty convenient, let’s hope that Sonic customers find a safer way to indulge. And maybe a more considerate way: Not everyone wants smoke blown in their face.

One thing’s for sure: If Sonic restaurants start discriminating against the stoned, they’re going to cut into their own margins. McDonalds and Taco Bell are already more popular with weed smokers.

      1. No, you can’t get physically addicted to that. There are some psychological factors, but there is no physical addiction with it.

  1. Fuck sonic theirs plenty for other options for food its 2020 hell they bout to lose business and half of they employees don’t even brush they teeth yet 30mins waiting on an order

    1. Now that’s keeping it real. They should be Happy someone showed up with money. With today’s economy getting paid and not robbed should be there only concern.

  2. I understand how it may fee like discrimination, but here’s a thought – how would you feel if someone came up to you & blew cigarette smoke in your face???
    The only way to prove you’re a responsible pot smoker is to tell those morons to stop giving tokers a bad name. My pot smoking friends Down Under would never be that disrespectful to anyone which is why their non toking friends have a great deal of respect for them.Vo

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. All these negative comments are so wrong. I remember a time when you didn’t want people, even your friends to smell it and want to get into your tash! You wanted to keep it for yourself.

      No excuse for rude behavior. Pot smokers already have a bad name, why justify it and give credibility to the critics & haters.

      1. Totally agree. And what if he is on parole? We are talking sonix . one bad piss. Bu – by. Not worth it.

    2. When I did work at sonic, i didn’t mind it but not everyone likes that and the same people who think this is outlandish wear pot glasses and listen to Marley cause he’s “the stoner”

    3. Exactly! Cigarettes, cigars, weed, whatever, NO ONE wants smoke blown in their faces. I open my sunroof before i get to the window when I’m smoking a cigarette so the smoke goes up and out.t instead of our my window into the drive thru window.

    4. WRONG, that was probably 1 or 2 incidents out of 10000 that smoke got blown is an employers face, they aiming at people like me who hot box and when i roll my window down at the drive thru the smoke is pouring out that’s NOT in they face, they just looking for something to pick about, and they only costing themselves customers, they need to be grateful cause some of us don’t even have appetites UNTIL we smoke. especially for no goddamn sonic, they can sell me anything but a Slushie.

  3. Fuck sonic they need to improve their food and the way they run their business before the try to ask anything of anyone. I hope they shut down I’ve never have a good experience with them anyway.

    1. I know they are exaggerating I’m pretty sure they rolled down the window after hotboxing and THEN hella smoke came out. Fuck that y’all ain’t finna tell me I gotta air out my car when IM COMING TO GIVE YALL MONEY! They food taste like medicine anyways

      1. It doesn’t really matter if it was an exaggeration or not. Not everyone wants smoke in their face, whether it was intentional or if it pours out of your car, its still disrespectful. And they do in fact have a right to not serve you, so take your high self to Taco Bell if the food “tastes like medicine”

  4. Sonic’s food used to be good, but then they started cutting corners on everything and selecting cheaper products to sell for a higher price. Now this? You must want to close. Filming people while smoking to use against them? Don’t get your Sonic shot up for backing a drama causing car hop with nothing going on in their lives but to bitch about anything they can. Those car hops acting Boujee and like they’re not single Mom failures sucking dick for meth after work, or on the way to being that.

    1. Whatever the circumstances are, having smoke in your face is unpleasant and if you have asthma like me, then it is serious. Have some damn common courtesy and wait five minutes and not smoke in a drive through. Simple

  5. You would have to be high to eat that crap. Sonic started in my home state. At one time it was awesome but greed has ruined their food and their attitude.

  6. Better idea: SONIC needs to obtain the plate number, contact the police, and stall to give the police time to arrive so that they can arrest the idiots that think that it’s ok to drive under the influence.

    I’m all for smoking weed – RESPONSIBLY: Don’t drink and drive & don’t get high and drive. Anyone that drives high is f-ing stupid !!!

    1. your just a retard if you can’t assemble a vehicle while high off weed . tfk y’all be glad it’s weed then instead of dope rocks being smoked and blown all over sonics so stfu grow tfk up and quit crying . it’s 2020
      grow tf’k up handle your business . & quit running and snitching

    2. i dont think weed driving and drunk driving are anywhere near the same useing the same laws for weed as alcohol is just ridicules.


  8. Sonic asking people to quit smoking before getting their food. Wait, someone can eat that food without being completely lit, or drunk af? How about you go back to the more expensive food, that you charged less for, and tasted better. Then you can ask the customers for something

  9. That’s when everyone want to eat when they high I mean what else they want when I want McDonald’s I have to be in my zone for me to, eat anything I have to be in my zone but we stoners that’s who bring business them and single moms and dads who can see they kids but I mean we make our money no matter who it is good day

  10. I use to work at sonic and both day and night shift managers use to buy smoke from me so fuck dat sonic bull shit. They just tryna be on the media.

  11. It’s hilarious that all y’all are getting worked up over an article that was published in April of 2018.

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