Squirrel Goes On A Trip Of A Lifetime After Eating Magic Mushrooms

Watch as this squirrel goes on a trip of a lifetime after eating magic mushrooms. This is what the internet was made for.
Squirrel Goes On A Trip Of A Lifetime After Eating Magic Mushrooms

You’ve heard the stories before. Dog accidentally eating a tray of pot brownies, a sweet old grandma eating a weed cookie off her grandson’s desk thinking it was a traditional baked (no pun intended) treat, etc, etc, etc.

But have you heard the one about how an unsuspecting squirrel goes on a trip of a lifetime after eating magic mushrooms?

Neither did we, until, well we found documented proof of the whole bizarre ordeal captured by a dog-walker with a heart of gold. This is definitely a story that will be passed down from generation to generation for years to come.

Well, maybe not, but it’s still pretty damn funny.

Better Watch What You Eat

Most of us assume that squirrels are restricted to an acorn-only diet, but apparently, they have an affinity to mushrooms, as well. Or at least, one squirrel does. It’s pretty safe to say it doesn’t anymore, however.

The squirrel was found by a pedestrian dog walker, simply known by her YouTube moniker ‘Vet Wife’. The woman found the squirrel lying limp and unresponsive on the ground and initially thought it had been attacked by another animal.

“So the dogs and I were walking, and we found this little guy in the park,” the good Samaritan said. “At first, I thought he’d gotten attacked by a dog or something. He [tried] to stand up, and he [flopped] all over the place.”

Noticing the psyched-out squirrel had something protruding in its mouth, as well as a mushroom patch nearby, the surprised dog walker didn’t take long to put two and two together.

“I saw that he had something in his mouth and realized [that] the bugger’s been munching on mushrooms,” said the woman. “I’m not sure if those are poisonous or not, but they definitely got him in a tizzy. So I’m going to try and take him back.”

The woman then attempted to pull her dogs away from the poor creature, but to no avail, as one of them got up close and personal with the squirrel. When the dog got close to the squirrel, it attempted to flee. However, due to the nature of the powerful psychedelics, it was rendered impossible. The squirrel staggered a few feet, before flopping to the ground virtually incapacitated.

“Yeah, he’s pretty stoned,” the woman concluded.

Final Hit: Squirrel Goes On A Trip Of A Lifetime After Eating Magic Mushrooms

Although the video ended before we got to see the fate of the squirrel, one could only hope it was a happy ending. Luckily, there have been zero recorded deaths when it comes to ‘shrooms, so it’s safe to say the critter lived through the ordeal.

Unless, of course, he was attacked by another animal and too fucked up to flee. Hopefully, that wasn’t the case, but regardless, it’s safe to say this squirrel is, essentially, our collective spirit animal.

Take a look at the full video below:

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