State Troopers Seize $5 Million Worth of Cannabis During Traffic Stop

Now that state troopers seize $5 million worth of cannabis during traffic stop, will 4/20 in Nebraska be dry?
State Troopers Seize $5 Million Worth of Cannabis During Traffic Stop

Some cannabis enthusiasts don’t pack light. On Wednesday evening, state troopers seize $5 million worth of cannabis during traffic stop. Here’s what happened that fateful night in Nebraska, and why weed may be harder to come by in the midwest this 4/20.

The Police Pulled Over A Van and Discovered Much More

At 5:50 pm on April 18th, the police spotted a 2017 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter from Colorado driving in the breakdown lane. They proceed to pull the van over at mile marker 36 near Geneva, Nebraska, according to 1011 Now.

After stopping the van, the K9 police unit recognized the smell of marijuana. In total, the police uncovered 1,853 lbs of marijuana, 46 lbs of hash wax and 8,779 doses of hash oil for vape pens. This ridiculous amount of cannabis is worth approximately $5 million dollars.

The Driver Is Facing Serious Charges

Nebraska and Colorado may share a border, but their marijuana policies are vastly different. Colorado is a trailblazer when it comes to the realities of legalizing weed. In the U.S., the state is a pioneer in cannabis taxation, research and even cuisine.

Surrounding states don’t share their love for the herb. After Colorado passed legalization, Nebraska and Oklahoma sued the state. They claimed that Colorado’s laws are undermining their own marijuana policy and depleting their assets. The Supreme Court threw out the case, but the disparity in policies still remains.

Though Nebraska has decriminalized marijuana to a certain extent, the police are still on high alert for marijuana possession, especially in cars with out of state plates. According to NORML, possession of up to 1 ounce of marijuana in Nebraska results in a fine. Larger amounts, however, can lead to jail time. For one ounce or less, you receive several days in jail for repeat offenses. However, these charges are only misdemeanors.

But possession of over a pound of marijuana is a felony according to Nebraska law. The sentence is five years and carries a maximum fine of $10,000.

On top of possession charges, the state is charging driver Michael Cardis of Arvada, Colorado with intent to deliver and for not having a Drug Tax stamp. The Tax Stamp law compels anyone in Nebraska to purchase a stamp from the state to label their personal marijuana supply.

The police are currently holding the 39-year-old driver in Fillmore County Jail.

Despite Legalization, There Are Still Harsh Penalties For Marijuana Possession

Though California, Colorado, Massachusetts and other liberal states have legalized recreational cannabis, not every state is moving in the same direction. Mormon leaders in Utah have come out against medical marijuana legalization.

Though Maine voted to legalize recreational marijuana in 2016, Governor LePage has threatened to veto marijuana legislation.

The Police Are Anticipating The High Holiday

This is only the latest drug bust before 4/20. Outside Greenfield, Indiana, a similar situation occurred.

The Indiana State Police pulled over a 2017 Ford Expedition when they noticed the vehicle swerving. When the authorities searched the car, they discovered 78 pounds of marijuana, valued at about $250,000.

Final Hit: State Troopers Seize $5 Million Worth of Cannabis During Traffic Stop

State troopers seize $5 million worth of cannabis during traffic stop in an attempt to curb the tide of marijuana seeping into surrounding states from Colorado.

This massive drug bust worth about $5 million dollars will seriously short Nebraska’s weed supply just two days before 4/20.

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