Ted Nugent Vehemently Disapproves of Legalizing Marijuana in Michigan

His comments should not come as a shock to most.
Ted Nugent Vehemently Disapproves of Legalizing Marijuana in Michigan
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Musician Ted Nugent has never been shy about his conservative views, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon. Nugent, 69, is quick to remind the public about his sobriety, as well as his views on marijuana. Spoiler alert: he still doesn’t like it.

Nugent, who hails from Redford, Michigan, recently appeared on a taping of WKAR’s Off the Record on Wednesday, and naturally, Nugent was asked about Michigan’s potential legalization of medical marijuana on the upcoming November 6th ballot proposal.

Expectedly, Nugent is still singing the same tune about what he still likes to refer to as “dope.”

Ted Nugent Vehemently Disapproves of Legalizing Marijuana in Michigan

During Wednesday’s radio broadcast, Nugent once again backed up his views on recreational marijuana.

“I have stepped over so many dead bodies who tried to convince me that smoking dope was a victimless crime,” Nugent said.

“I was unhip because I wouldn’t, I guess, drool and puke and then die,” he added.

Nugent’s reasoning for staying away from marijuana? He claims that smoking pot keeps people from thinking clearly.

“When you’re high you cannot make a positive, meaningful, intelligent decision,” he said.

If there was one silver lining in regards to Nugent’s rhetoric on marijuana, it was that the former Amboy Dukes lead guitarist is in favor of medicinal marijuana. Something, he believes, is a completely different animal altogether.

“I’m totally in support of medical marijuana. … But Jimmy Hendrix offered me dope and I turned it down, Keith Moon offered me dope and whiskey and I turned it down. I have witnessed the destruction of the most brilliant talents in the world because they were high.”

Nugent Singing a Familiar Tune

For those familiar with Nugent’s views, it should come as no surprise he publicly voiced his displeasure in regards to both recreational and medicinal marijuana.

In fact, it should be expected.

Back on the Joe Rogan Experience in June, Nugent expressed his disdain for recreational cannabis, citing an overall lack of “discipline” regarding the consumption of the plant by casual pot smokers. If it’s any sort of consolation, he said it’s not the plant itself that’s to blame, it’s the people smoking it.

“This is just a discipline issue—and it’s not the marijuana or anything that gets people like that— it’s a lack of discipline.”


Although Rogan—a notorious pot smoker himself—challenged Nugent’s views, the rocker countered saying he’s all for medical marijuana. He even said he’s on some sort of “special counsel” with President Trump, in an effort to federally legalize medical marijuana.

“I’m all for that. I deal with a lot of terminally ill kids, and there’s nothing that’s off limits to take away that suffering, so I need to fight for that.”

With cannabis still considered a Schedule I narcotic by the federal government, it doesn’t look like this “counsel” has been up to task.

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