Teens Take Responsibility for Weed and Guns—But the Beer Isn’t Theirs

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There is always a time when you come face-to-face with a police officer that you start to wonder how long it is going to take before Johnnie or Jeanie Law asks whether you are in possession of any “drugs, weapons or any other illegal contraband,” that they should know about.

Are you kidding?

Of course, the appropriate answer in these types of situations is always, “No,” but there are those times when rattled nerves have a way of evaporating any semblance of common sense, and the whole damn scene just falls apart right there on the side of the road.

Unfortunately, a similar situation got the best of a group of Florida teens earlier this week.

It seems that someone put in a call to the Myrtle Beach Police Department to report a number of teenagers camping out in a parking lot somewhere near the Yachtsman Resort.

When police arrived to investigate the complaint, they found four young men sound asleep in a truck—three of them inside and another one in the back catching his slumber under the influence of the beach air.

While the cops were busy trying to wake the teens, to get them to move on down the road, the officers noticed some suspicious items hanging around in the cab of the truck that they felt deserving of an inquiry.

It didn’t take long before police had the kids sprawled out face down in the parking lot, while they ripped the truck to shreds, searching for any reason to take these youngsters to jail.

And man, did they find it.

Inside the truck, police discovered two jars filled with what appeared to be marijuana, a couple of handguns in a shoebox and a slew of empty beer cans that had been tossed into the back of the vehicle. Police also stumbled onto a blunt, a separate bag of weed, a scale and some empty sandwich bags, according to the police report.

When the cops began reading the kids the riot act, you know, really feeding them a hefty dose of Myrtle Beach’s finest shakedown tactics, the juveniles did not remain silent, like they should have.

Instead, perhaps discombobulated by the ruckus, the teens spilled the beans—laying claims to both the weed and the firearms.

Strangely, however, when the cops began to go for the trifecta, questioning the group about the empty beer cans in the back of the truck, all of them refused to take responsibility.

The two adult teens were charged with a variety of offenses ranging from possession of marijuana to the unlawful carrying of a firearm. And, even though the entire group denied having any knowledge of the beer, the two minors were charged with possession of alcohol.

The very next day, in a completely unrelated incident, Myrtle Beach police arrested four people in their early 20’s for smoking marijuana on the beach.

Reports indicate that an officer smelled weed while on patrol, which eventually led him to a small group sitting on a blanket near the water. Despite the fact that everyone denied responsibility for the weed, they were all eventually arrested and taken to jail.

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