THMQ 2015: The Year in Pot Prices

As 2015 comes to an end we look back at our market quotes to see how things have shaped up for cannabis market.

Market Analysis: Graphics and listings illustrate the overall 2015 average price for an ounce of cannabis in each state across the country. The darkest shades of green represent low prices, and lighter shades of green represent high prices. Gray states did not produce any data. Oregon had the lowest prices in the whole country, while Arkansas had the most expensive. The histogram below projects the most common prices for pot anywhere in the nation.

The year-end, national average for an ounce of cannabis tallies in at $315. This year’s most expensive months nationwide were April, November and December with averages over $310. The least expensive months spanned from May to October due to ample supply from the nation’s outdoor harvests.

2015 Average by State:

Alabama:                  $356

Alaska:                      $315

Arizona:                    $303

Arkansas:                 $378

California:                 $286

Colorado:                  $270

Connecticut:             $343

Delaware:                  $354

Florida:                      $356

Georgia:                    $320

Hawaii:                      $292

Idaho:                        $270

Illinois:                      $342

Indiana:                     $360

Iowa:                         $322

Kentucky:                 $372

Louisiana:                $343

Maine:                      $288

Maryland:                 $360

Massachusetts:       $324

Michigan:                 $251

Minnesota:               $336

Mississippi:             $319

Missouri:                  $328

Montana:                  $270

Nevada:                    $277

New Hampshire:      $298

New Jersey:             $374

New Mexico:            $388

New York:                 $375

North Carolina:        $347

Ohio:                         $310

Oklahoma:               $295

Oregon:                    $187

Pennsylvania:          $331

Rhode Island:          $350

South Carolina:       $290

Tennessee:              $351

Texas:                      $320

Utah:                        $320

Vermont:                  $314

Virginia:                   $366

Washington:            $218

West Virginia:          $320

Wisconsin:               $338

Wyoming:                 $300


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