Tilray Releases Medical Cannabis Education Resource

One of the largest cannabis companies in Canada and beyond, Tilray, has opened up an educational portal for consumers and medical practitioners.

Canada-based cannabis company Tilray Brands, Inc., announced on July 19 that Tilray Medical has launched a new platform called WeCare-MedicalCannabis to provide education about the benefits of medical cannabis. The WeCare-MedicalCannabis website launched with tabs available for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to seek out information about medical cannabis.

Tilray Europe Managing Director Sascha Mielcarek released a statement along with the announcement, expressing the need for a clear source for information. “As global pioneers in medical cannabis, we are aware of the lack of access to science-based, medical cannabis education,” Mielcarek said. “WeCare-MedicalCannabis was created to bridge that gap and help provide the needed resources to helping patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals with the information they need to make informed decisions on medicinal cannabis. As cannabis legalization continues to expand across Europe, Tilray Medical is dedicated to help provide informed and trusted guidance for those interested in learning more about medical cannabis.”

The website organizes these resources in a “who, what, when, where, how, why which” format in order to address and organize the information. Everything from the history of medical cannabis to evidence that showcases its unique properties and recommendations on how to consume is available. “WeCare-MedicalCannabis provides science and research-based cannabis content tailored to healthcare professionals, caregivers, and patients to help them make informed decisions about medicinal cannabis and assists them along their path to discovering how medicinal cannabis can support daily wellness and health,” the Tilray press release stated.

WeCare-MedicalCannabis provides information based on four European markets: France, Germany, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.

“Medicinal cannabis is not something new. It has been used for thousands of years. But we realize that for many people, whether patients, caregivers, physicians, pharmacists, or other healthcare professionals, it is something new, potentially confusing, and even concerning,” the WeCare-MedicalCannabis website states. “The WE CARE platform was developed to become the most trusted and respected resource on the Internet for questions about medicinal cannabis. Whether you are just learning about medicinal cannabis, or if you already have a foundation of knowledge, this website can serve as your one-stop resource for further insights about many aspects of medicinal cannabis.”

Tilray is one of the largest cannabis companies in the world, and the first company in Canada to export medical cannabis to the U.S. for use in clinical trials in 2018. Over the past five years, Tilray has continued to grow exponentially. Tilray Medical in particular recently expanded its medical cannabis product portfolio for the U.K. in June. As of July 12, the company had just announced the closing transaction for its acquisition of Hexo Corp.

Tilray CEO, Irwin Simon, was featured in the High Times 100 of 2021 for his 30 years of experience leading in consumer packaged products. Earlier this year in April at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference, Simon made a bold keynote speech about Tilray’s current footprint in Canada. “Tilray will own Canada. It’s the largest in Canada today, and it will get bigger,” he said. “This is an industry that is three-and-a-half years old and because cannabis is not legalized in the U.S, you can’t bring in the institutional shareholders (…) and I love retail shareholders. Today they are probably about 80% of the shareholder base of Tilray. We’ve traded 25, 30 million shares today. If I was on the Canadian Stock Exchange I might have traded 200,000 shares today. This industry is going to continue to take off.”

Education has been a paramount concern across the world, and states in the U.S. such as New York have also recently launched an effort to provide information to consumers. The Cannabis Conversations campaign brings attention to driving while impaired, tools for parents, and much more. “Education is the best tool to keep New Yorkers healthy as we continue to ramp up this safe, inclusive, and equitable industry,” said New York Gov. Kathy Hochul.

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