Tommy Chong to Justin Trudeau: Trump is “Putin’s Bitch”

The legendary stoner and comedian gets a kick out of trolling the Orange Mussolini.
Tommy Chong to Justin Trudeau: Trump is "Putin's Bitch"
Axle0000/Wikimedia Commons

This story was originally published in Straight Cannabis

Sometimes, I wish the media would just go to legendary stoner Tommy Chong for political analysis.

We would likely get a far more concise and accurate picture than we receive from all those blathering talking heads from the corporate think tanks.

I felt this way again after Donald Trump tried to bully and humiliate Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau.

This came after Trudeau said he didn’t want Russia in the G-7.

Of course, Trump didn’t mention Vladimir Putin or Russia in his weekend Twitter rant against Trudeau.

That’s because Trump knows that any mention of Putin simply attracts more attention from special counsel Robert Mueller.

So this is what Trump said instead.

Many in the Canadian media dutifully repeated Trump’s diatribe without linking it to Putin.

However, Tommy Chong saw through the BS.

“Trump being Trump is really Trump being Putin’s bitch!” the comedian tweeted.

Chong also had some encouraging words for Trudeau, noting that Trump “will soon be a memory and a marker in history”.

Chong isn’t the only Canadian-born, U.S.-based commentator giving Trump a rough ride.

David Frum, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush, put out the following tweet to try to add some context to Trump’s frustration.

That wasn’t Frum’s only comment on the Trump hotel in Vancouver. Below, you can see how he mentioned this property in response to a tweet last week from Donald Trump Jr.

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