‘Weedcraft Inc’ will be a Cannabis Tycoon Video Game for Budding Entrepreneurs

Yet another interactive game based around the ever-expanding cannabis industry.
Trailer For New Cannabis Industry Game 'Weedcraft Inc' Released
Devolver/ YouTube

As the recreational cannabis industry continues its meteoric rise, there’s no shortage of people that want to get in on the Green Rush. However, it’s not practical for everyone to become cannabis entrepreneurs, considering the outstanding amount of capital, knowledge, and the stringent set of regulations it takes to get in on the ground floor.

Because of the still-evolving landscape of the legal weed industry, it’s clearly not practical for some to enter the industry with little-to-no-experience… yet. However, for those that still want to dabble in the retail marijuana sector as more of a hobby, well there’s good news—you can now simulate your own weed industry in an upcoming PC game, Weedcraft Inc.

Become A Cannabis Entrepreneur With Weedcraft Inc

Game Developer Devolver Digital announced the marijuana-simulation game on Monday through a teaser trailer. The trailer is comprised of clips featuring several big-name celebrities who smoke marijuana—including the now-infamous clip of Tesla CEO Elon Musk smoking a joint on the Joe Rogan podcast.

Although the trailer failed to capture many moments of the game’s actual gameplay features Devolver added a synopsis of the game’s overall goal.

“Weedcraft Inc explores the business of producing, breeding and selling weed in America, delving deep into the financial, political and cultural aspects of the country’s complex relationship with this troublesome and promising plant,” Devolver wrote. “Would-be Mary Jane moguls will need to prioritize resources carefully as they manage the production and distribution of their weed. Cultivate killer plants, cross-breed them to create unique strains of the devil’s lettuce, hire and manage a growing staff, and be prepared to take on the competition.”

Weedcraft Inc is expected to be in the similar mold of classic Tycoon games a la Roller Coaster Tycoon, except this particular game is intended to provide a strong narrative around the business aspects of the game.

So, for those looking to forge a path in the marijuana industry, this could be an interesting start. The game is expected to be released on PC sometime in 2019.

Not The First Of It’s Kind, But Still Has Promise

This game, albeit somewhat different, appears to somewhat resemble the popular mobile game Hempire, which, like Weedcraft Inc, allows its users to carefully craft their own bustling cannabis industry. This includes both the cultivation and retail sectors of the booming new market.

Additionally, the game also features an interactive narrative that allows users to “save” their city through corruption through their marijuana business.

However, this isn’t necessarily a battle for “who thought of it first,” but rather, a promising sign for an industry that can take advantage of as many pop culture avenues as possible. It only helps further erase some lingering stigma about the once-taboo plant.

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