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‘Trailer Park Boys’ Actor John Dunsworth Has Passed Away at 71

'Trailer Park Boys' Actor John Dunsworth Has Passed Away at 71

We at High Times are saddened by the news that Canadian actor John Dunsworth, well-known for his character Mr. Jim Lahey on Trailer Park Boys, has passed away. As of now, the details surrounding his death have yet to be disclosed.

His daughter wrote in a tweet, “with heavy and broken hearts the family of John F. Dunsworth would like to let people know that our amazing husband, father and grandfather John Dunsworth has passed away. John left this world peacefully after a short and unexpected illness. The family would like to request that our privacy is respected during this time of grief.”

High Times Interview With John Dunsworth

John Dunsworth was best known for his role on the mockumentary television series Trailer Park BoysAs fans of the series, we’ve connected with cast members for interviews in the past.

High Times was fortunate to run into Mr. Lahey earlier this year. When we caught up with Dunsworth and co-actor Patrick Roach, they stayed in full character. We couldn’t have asked for a better treat.

Instead of answering our questions, Roach and Dunsworth put on an improvised drunken dialogue between Randy, Lahey and High Times writer Mike Adams.

John Dunsworth’s last words to High Times were that “pretending to be drunk is way better than being drunk.”

Wish we could say the same about weed.

The actor swore his drunken demeanor was all an act, but he could have had us fooled. It’s hard to believe Dunsworth didn’t shotgun a couple of beers before every performance.

In fact, he said during a Reddit AMA, that he was kicked “oot” of a McDonald’s for being drunk when he was pretending to be Mr. Lahey for fans of the show. He “could not convince the guy” working at the fast food restaurant that he was just pretending.

If there was an Emmy for best-drunk impersonation, John Dunsworth would take it home.

Trailer Park Boys Won’t Be The Same

Trailer Park Boys holds a special place in the heart of many cannabis consumers.

The show is one of the few places covering the topic of weed. You’d have a find a hard time finding any other show that used the word “hash” more times than TPB. From using a car engine as a vaporizer to growing dope and making hash, the boys always keep the weed around.

Mr. Lahey was an antagonist that got in the way of the boys’ dope growing and dealing. When the boys leave the park in their spin-off series Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park Europe, it isn’t the same.

We think it has a lot to do with certain characters being left out.

The show isn’t as good without their drunken park supervisor, and the world isn’t the same without John Dunsworth. Dunsworth has passed away, but the joy he brought to the world will never be forgotten.

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