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Trick or Treating Safety Tips For Spotting Cannabis Edibles

Trick or Treating Safety Tips For Spotting Cannabis Edibles

Consumers of cannabis edibles are not criminals out to corrupt children at Halloween. In states where medical and recreational cannabis products are legal, edibles are meticulously labeled and packaged, and very easy to spot. When regulated for responsible consumption, cannabis is much easier to keep out of the hands of minors. Trick or treating children and their parents can check out more safety tips below on how to spot cannabis edibles.

No cannabis consumer wants their potent edibles ending up in a kid’s candy haul, despite alarmist stories like the video below from the Denver Police Department a couple of years ago that made its way into national headlines. Cannabis edibles are expensive. Who’d want to waste hard-earned money giving weed to children?

However, you should make sure your kids have all the information they need to stay safe when trick-or-treating. Talk to them about how to spot cannabis-infused candy. Let them know that if they have questions, communication with responsible adults is key. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Keep Your Stash Locked Up

Trick or Treating Safety Tips For Spotting Cannabis Edibles

If you have cannabis edibles in your home, make sure you put them all in a safely locked storage container. If you plan on getting elevated for Halloweed fun, ingest your infused chocolate well before your doorbell starts ringing, and stash the rest under lock and key, away from trick or treaters.

Avoid Loose Candy

Trick or Treating Safety Tips For Spotting Cannabis Edibles

It’s the most common Halloween scenario in the world: kids ring the doorbell, and out pops a spooky witch holding a big bowl of mixed M&Ms, Skittles and Mike and Ike’s for them to gleefully dip their hands into. Although it’s extremely unlikely that that witch—or any unscrupulous person—would mix THC-infused candies into the bounty, avoiding anything in a loose mix will ensure kids stay extra safe.

Throw Away Anything That Doesn’t Have a Label

Trick or Treating Safety Tips For Spotting Cannabis Edibles

If something without a label ends up in your kids’ haul, it probably doesn’t contain marijuana, but it’s always best to take extra precautions. Chuck anything unmarked out to prevent accidental ingestion of anything unsafe. In states where marijuana is legal for recreational consumption, edibles are always marked clearly as cannabis products. Legalize it!

Go Through Your Kids’ Loot with Them

Trick or Treating Safety Tips For Spotting Cannabis Edibles

When your tired, happy trick-or-treater comes home with an overflowing plastic pumpkin or pillowcase, sit down with them to sort through their score. Your common sense and keen adult eye will spot anything shady while you marvel over how much loot your little one got. And maybe if you’re nice about it, your kid will share.

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And there you have it. Four easy trick or treating safety tips for responsible parenting around cannabis edibles. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Mary Jane Gibson
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Mary Jane has been writing and editing for High Times since 2007. Currently based in Los Angeles, she writes about cannabis culture, entertainment and cutting-edge trends.

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