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Tupac, Robin Williams Arrested for Marijuana (Yes, Really, But Read On)

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Let us now praise famous men—or failing that, let us speak of ordinary men with famous names, made infamous by committing a common crime.

In one of the oddest-sounding busts in history, Arizona state police arrested Tupac Crum, aged 19, and Robin Williams, 21, for marijuana possession this week, as the UK Metro observed.

The pair were driving through a national forest area in a white Chevrolet pickup, flagged and pulled over for “traffic violations” on Dec. 4. Police then noticed “indicators of criminal activity” and called in drug-sniffing dogs.

Along with Erick Harris Jr., 22, whose parents’ lack of foresight when selecting his name is keeping it out of headlines like ours, the three were caught with roughly 114 pounds of plastic-wrapped marijuana.

Police reckoned the haul’s worth at $69,000, a figure that does not take into account the celebrity-sounding branding opportunities.

Thus, Robin Williams, Tupac (Crum), and their lesser-known friend, all residents of Albuquerque, New Mexico, were arrested and booked into the Gila County Jail “on numerous drug charges,” police said.

The trio’s current status was not immediately known.

Arizona has medical marijuana, though voters rejected a recreational cannabis ballot initiative on Election Day last month—not that it would have been much use in a case like this one.

As the Metro helpfully pointed out, none of this has anything to do with Tupac Shakur or the actor-comedian Robin Williams, one of whom has been dead for 20 years. By the way, that murder is still unsolved.

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Chris Roberts
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Chris Roberts is a High Times Staff writer based in San Francisco, just across the Bay from America's most cannabis-friendly city, and has been covering marijuana and drug policy since 2009.

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