Two Billionaires Throw Millions Into Anti-Pot Campaign in Arizona

(Photo by Steve Mack/Getty Images)

It’s coming down to the wire, and the anti-pot billionaires are dumping last-minute cash in a desperate attempt to stop marijuana legalization.

The latest from Arizona: A cool half-million dollars from Sheldon Adelson, who owns casinos in Las Vegas and Macao—and a full million from Bruce Halle, who owns the Discount Tire chain.

Adelson has already given $2 million to Nevada’s anti-legalization fight, and millions more against pot in Massachusetts and Florida.

A moment of silence here as we contemplate the hypocrisy of a casino owner being opposed to legalized pot. (Note also that he has no problem doing business in Macau, part of totalitarian China.)

As for Halle, profits from his nearly 1000-store chain has made him reputedly the richest person in Arizona. He is also a financial supporter of Joe Arpaio, sheriff of Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix and is the state’s most populous. Arpaio is a vociferous supporter of Donald Trump, and is currently under Federal charges for criminal contempt of court (stemming from his refusal to comply with court orders to stop racial profiling).

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