UFC Champion Conor McGregor Spotted In Amsterdam Weed Cafe

‘Notorious’ Conor McGregor seems to be enjoying his Netherlands trip.
UFC Champion Conor McGregor Spotted In Amsterdam Weed Cafe
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UFC legend and trash talking extraordinaire Conor McGregor has been making headlines recently for a possible re-match with retired boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. under MMA rules. But until anything becomes official, it looks like the champ will continue to enjoy himself while he has the time off.

Conor McGregor in the Netherlands


Currently, McGregor is enjoying a trip to the Netherlands while he awaits word on another potential super fight with Mayweather, and Mystic Mac looks to have stopped at what might as well be considered the weed capital of the world—Amsterdam.

Interestingly enough, McGregor was spotted at an Amsterdam cannabis cafe during his trip, and its safe to say ‘Notorious’ was having a blast, sporting an ear to ear grin while he gazed around the popular weed shop.

In a photo snapped by a fan and posted on the MMA Netherlands Instagram page, McGregor appeared to be chatting with the cashier of the store while the pot shop worker was opening a large box of high-grade buds. It’s unclear whether or not the weed was for McGregor, or if the UFC star even purchased anything from the Cafe.

However, judging by McGregor’s enamored gaze, it’s more likely than not he picked up a couple of souvenirs before he left the shop.

Despite last year’s government sanctions, which called for all cannabis coffee shops within 250 meters of a school to be shut down, pot coffee shops remain one of Amsterdam’s most popular tourist attractions.

“I serve thousands of people every day; tourists and locals. I have Israelis and Palestinians in here smoking together. Even people who don’t smoke come here to have their photo taken. It’s part of the history of Amsterdam,” pot shop owner Johnny Petram told the Telegraph last year.

In fact, coffee shops have become so wildly popular, that weed-legal states in America are just now beginning to adopt the business model. Colorado is set to open the country’s first legal cannabis coffee shop in the coming months, and even Bob Marley’s son, Rohan, is in the process of developing a line of coffee shops with the Marley brand.

“I see a line of Marley coffee shops. That’s a no-brainer,” said Rohan Marley. “We’ve gotta do that, and have a place where you can smoke, chill out and buy the products. I’m really looking forward to doing that.”

Final Hit: UFC Champion Conor McGregor Spotted In Amsterdam Weed Cafe

While it’s still unclear whether or not McGregor actually purchased cannabis at the coffee shop, it should not be a cause for concern, nonetheless.

The UFC has greatly loosened its policy on cannabis in the past year or so, and fighters have certainly taken notice of the new policy.

“You are allowed to smoke weed, if you choose to. You are allowed to smoke weed outside of competition, UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping explained in an interview last year. “The way it works with USADA is you have in competition and out of competition. In competition, it’s twelve hours before the fight and 12 hours after, or until you have been seen by a doctor or have given a urine or blood sample.”

With that being said, it looks like Conor can enjoy his trip to Amsterdam, worry-free. We’re not entirely sure if he tokes, but considering the mounting evidence, it’s safe to say he’s one of us.

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