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UK Parliament May Allow This Six-Year-Old To Have Medical Marijuana

As part of an ongoing debate, the UK Parliament may allow this six-year-old to have medical marijuana.

UK Parliament May Allow This Six-Year-Old To Have Medical Marijuana
<i class="fa fa-camera"></i> Alfie's Hope

After a flurry of media coverage, the UK Parliament may allow this six-year-old to have medical marijuana. The child in question is severely epileptic. His struggle has been making headlines over the past few weeks. And now, he might see some relief.

Alfie Dingley

Alfie Dingley lives in the British county of Warwickshire. At just six years old, he suffers from an extremely rare form of epilepsy. On his worst days, his parents, Hannah Deacon and Drew Dingley, say he can have up to thirty seizures in a 24-hour period.

Deacon says that her son is one of only nine boys in the world who have this seizure disorder.

Deacon and Dingley relocated their family to the Netherlands back in September, seeking a specific treatment for Alfie. That treatment was medical cannabis.

A pediatric neurologist started giving Alfie cannabis oil. Only a small dose—three drops, according to his mother—was sufficient. After suffering daily, debilitating seizures, Alfie was suddenly able to go 24 days without an episode.

Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, the Deacon-Dingley family had to move back to the United Kingdom. There, their petition to be allowed to give their child the oil was denied.

Marijuana In The UK

Currently, cannabis is illegal in all areas of the United Kingdom. With the exception of CBD oil, you’d be hard-pressed to find any legal pot-based product across the pond.

The laws there are so rigid that whether you’re charged with distribution or just possession, you could face jail time.

This week, the Parliament of the United Kingdom is set to discuss legalizing cannabis for medicinal use. And if all goes well, the UK Parliament may allow this six-year-old to have medical marijuana.

Final Hit: UK Parliament May Allow This Six-Year-Old To Have Medical Marijuana

Parliament is gearing up to discuss the merits of medical marijuana and the benefits legalization would bestow upon society. At the same time, government officials are preparing to give special consideration to Alfie Dingley.

Health minister Baroness Williams told local reporters that she feels “a huge amount of sympathy” for Alfie and his family. She assured the press that she and her colleagues were working diligently to navigate the legal framework to support the child’s health needs.

She went on to disclose that she and her fellow ministers “want to explore every option within the current regulatory framework, including issuing a license” for medical cannabis.

In a related debate earlier this week, Newport West MP Paul Flynn made his feelings about medical marijuana and those who use it quite clear:

“I would urge [medical users] to break the law,” he said. “Because the law, in this case, is an ass.”

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