Upcoming Mendocino Craft Farmers Auction Offers Unique Experiences for Charity

A few key members of the cannabis community of Mendocino County are inviting guests to attend a private event to support a local charity and promote high quality local cannabis goods.

The inaugural Mendocino Craft Farmers Auction (MCFA) is being held in Mendocino County, as presented by the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance and Mendocino Producers Guild (MPG). Event hosts are Jim Roberts and Brian Adkinson, owners of The Bohemian Chemist cannabis brand. The duo are also the owners of two private lodging and event venues, Madrone House and The Brambles, the latter of which is where the MCFA will take place.

Although the event is limited to 150 guests ($200 per ticket, which are tax deductible of course), the offerings planned for auction are experiences you won’t want to pass up. “Auction items will include rare opportunities such as visits and overnight stays at some of the top local cannabis producers’ farms, health and wellness experiences, fine dining and adventures in our world-famous wilderness,” the Eventbrite description states. “Other items offered will include locally made crafts, gift certificates from local businesses, farm products and more. Generous donors should not be surprised if their generosity is matched by growers who want to share from their Private Reserve for a truly unique and coveted experience!”

Throughout the event, (which will be held on July 16 between 5 p.m.-10 p.m) attendees will be invited to participate in silent and live auctions, and try out local wines from Maple Creek Winery. Dinner will be served by Chef Dan Hagopian, and the live auction will begin during dessert, followed by live music by DJ Mo Magic, a farmer from Covelo, California.

Proceeds from the auction will support the Crisis Response Service from Redwood Community Services, Inc. The organization offers crisis intervention in Mendocino County with a wide variety of services such as “mental health, evaluation, assessments, intervention, after care and follow up services.” Madrone House also offers a six-bed therapeutic crisis program that aids adults over 18 who are going through a mental health crisis but do not qualify for in-patient hospitalization. “Madrone house provides housing in collaboration with Adventist Health hospitals for identified patients who meet criteria for medical respite as they access services needed for their journey back into the community,” the organization shares on its website.

The Northern California cannabis community is made up of many veteran companies that have survived industry challenges in the area over the years. The companies that operate out of the Emerald Triangle in particular exhibit the industry’s ability to support each other and thrive, and often put a focus on fostering their local community as well.

Another unique experience that is being brought back into the legal industry is cannabis farmers markets. Recently, a legislative committee approved Assembly Bill 2691 in April, which would allow small cannabis cultivators to sell their products at farmers markets. The bill is presented by Assembly member Jim Wood, who confidentially believes that it will help small cannabis farmers. “It is no secret that cannabis businesses throughout the state are struggling, whether it’s taxes, compliance costs, competing with the illicit market or other challenges, but the focus of AB-2691 is to help legal cannabis farmers who grow less than one acre of cannabis get consumer recognition for their unique products, much as has been done for craft beer, artisanal wine and other family farm agricultural products,” said Wood. “Giving these smaller farmers opportunities at locally approved events to expose the public to their products increases consumer choice and offers farmers a better chance to reach retail shelves which is their ultimate goal. This is not about circumventing retailers, but growing the industry overall.”

MPG is already hosting cannabis farmers markets in Laytonville, with one planned for May 28, followed by more gatherings on June 25 and July 30. Nearly 30 small cannabis farms are participating in these events, and 10% of the profits are being donated to the 10 Mile Creek Watershed Council.

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