Val Venis Helps Out When Police Arrest Woman For No Reason

He’s a cannabis vigilante of sorts.
Val Venis Helps Out When Police Arrest Woman For No Reason
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Not all heroes wear capes.

Apparently, some of them do wear spandex, though. Or at least, used to.

Sean Allen Morley, who once went by the moniker Val Venis during his WWF days, recently flexed his good samaritan muscles when police arrested a woman coming out of a weed dispensary in Mesa, Arizona.

The former WWF/WWE superstar-turned hardcore cannabis advocate revealed in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel that he witnessed his dispensary co-worker get harassed by local police at a nearby gas station whilst on her lunch break.

Val Venis To The Rescue

Val Venis Helps Out When Police Arrest Woman For No Reason
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According to witnesses at the scene, the woman was told to step away from her car, before being handcuffed by police for no apparent reason.

“That young lady is a budtender at the same MMJ dispensary I work at,” Morley explained. “She literally left for lunch to drive 30 seconds up the street to pump gas. From what I’ve been told by witnesses and her word was she was simply pumping gas when a cop rolled up, got out of his car and started barking orders to step away from the car.”

Morley saw what was happening, swooped in and began an interrogation of his own.

He pulled over and demanded an answer as to why the woman was being taken into custody. His own hypothesis was the fact she was wearing her state-issued dispensary badge, which he believes triggered the cops into taking unnecessary action.

“She was scared shitless. She had no clue she had done wrong. I pulled in for lunch after the fact. My thoughts are because she was wearing her state-issued MMJ dispensary agent card, I’m thinking one of the cops thought ‘man, if I could get a blood draw from her, I bet I could get an easy DUI,’” Morley reckoned. “Obviously an MMJ dispensary agent card is not a fact that would satisfy the element of reasonable suspicion. So I wanted to question them about the facts they used to justify reasonable suspicion or probable cause for the record before they get back to the PD and manufacture some facts, and they would all be on the same page with their story.”

Final Hit: Val Venis Helps Out When Police Arrest Woman For No Reason

It’s unclear from the video what charges the woman faced following her unpleasant police encounter.

Recreational cannabis is still illegal in Arizona, and the laws remain rigid in the state. While medicinal cannabis is legal, they have yet to decriminalize possession of recreational pot.

Without a medical card, weed possession is still classified as a felony, rather than a trivial misdemeanor. That being said, the police’s unnecessary action regarding the dispensary worker comes as little surprise. While their actions are not warranted by any means, it appears as if the state of Arizona, as a whole, needs to get with the times. Hopefully, that happens sooner, rather than later.

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