Vapes Up, Cookies (and Booze) Down: Marijuana Industry Trends in California

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Girl Scout Cookies are out (and not just because the actual Girl Scouts have sent a cease-and-desist). And OG Kush? Not even in the running.

Gorilla Glue No. 4, Jack Herer and Bubba Kush are the most popular marijuana strains among California cannabis consumers who used the popular web-based delivery app Eaze, according to an annual review of user data published by the platform.

Eaze is the self-styled “Uber of marijuana.” It’s not quite worth $70 billion, nor was its CEO forced to resign from Donald Trump’s team of economic advisers. But it is a smartphone-hailed delivery platform that will send a sack, an edible or a vape cartridge your way all speedy-like.

In the same way Uber doesn’t actually drive you anywhere—it’s the Uber “partner” behind the wheel—Eaze doesn’t actually dispense any cannabis; its partner dispensaries, who technically employ the driver you hailed via Eaze, does it. Got it?

While you absorb that arrangement, Business Insider also broke down some of the user data gleaned from its 250,000 users, who order using the app twice every minute, according to the platform. The data is self-selecting—it omits anyone who only went to a dispensary, but as far as market snapshots go, it’s the best (read: only) data we have.

Behold, some highlights:

*We live in the age of the vaporizer. Sales of CO2 oil cartridges blew up like a poorly vented hash lab, from six percent of all sales in 2015 to 24 percent in 2016, according to Eaze.

*Most of those vape pen cartridges went to users who love gadgets. The fastest-growing market in California is in the north, with the East Bay—think Oakland and vicinity—outstripping both San Francisco and Silicon Valley;

*Sales of marijuana flower—you know, bud—are way down, dipping from 75 percent of all sales to 57 percent;

*But marijuana flower is still king. By far, Eaze sells more flower than anything else, but vaporizers (17 percent) and edibles (11 percent) are slowly growing to compete with flower sales in northern California (where 57 percent of purchases are flower);

*April 20 is the biggest day of the year for cannabis sales (which: yeah), followed by the day before Thanksgiving and then Halloween;

*Hybrids and sativas are the most popular strains, with only two indica-dominant varieties scoring in the top 10 of all strains sold;

*Men still dominate the marijuana market, with only one-third of Eaze customers identifying as women;

*Age is a factor, and weed is getting older: Millennials are using Eaze less, while baby boomers are using the platform much more, spending an average of $185 of their earnings on cannabis (must be nice to have had union protections and a pension, huh, Gramps?);

*And people are abandoning alcohol for cannabis. Eighty-two percent of Eaze customers reported drinking less with marijuana in their lives, with almost 12 percent cutting out alcohol entirely;

*The same goes for prescription painkillers; 95 percent reported less pain pill use with marijuana around.

Browse the rest of the results for yourself here

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