Virginia Governor Spotted with Willie Nelson—And His Weed

Photo by Liaison/Getty Images

BRISTOW, Va. (AP) — Posing for pictures is part of every governor’s job. Posing with a can of marijuana – not so much.

But Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe did just that, inadvertently, when he went to greet country music legend Willie Nelson this weekend.

A picture posted on Twitter shows McAuliffe and Nelson, who was performing in Virginia. On the table between them is a can of Willie’s Reserve, Nelson’s brand of marijuana that’s sold in Colorado and Washington. Marijuana possession is illegal in Virginia.

McAuliffe Spokesman Brian Coy said the governor spent about 10 minutes in Nelson’s trailer and didn’t realize what was on the table.

Coy said McAuliffe wouldn’t recognize marijuana or paraphernalia “if it walked up and shook his hand.” Coy said McAuliffe may be cool, “but he’s not that cool.”

  1. I’m sure the governor could have smelled it. I’m sure good ol Willy wouldn’t smoke mids. Also it’s 2016 who cares. It’s just cannabis. Im getting tired of headline grabbing articles like this. Give me sime real news.

  2. I look at the first photo and feel absolutely stupid. If Texas arrested a legend like Willie Nelson for weed, what made my stupid black ayes think they would not arrest me for 2 grams of hash.

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