Watch the New TV Ad for Pot in Arizona

Arizona, state flag

Arizona’s legalization initiative is on the ballot in November. Forces against it have raised more than $1 million, including a new $500,000 donation from a Phoenix-area pharmaceutical company.

Here’s the pro side’s newest ad, hitting the state’s airwaves now.

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  1. Then why are “We the People” not being told that the DEA
    (Drug Enforcement Administration) owns medical Marijuana Patent
    #6630507? but classifies marijuana as a dangerous drug with no
    medical value. That classification contradicts mounds of evidence
    showing marijuana to be a very safe and effective medicine. and is
    also a direct contradiction of the governments own definition for
    classification of a Schedule 1 drug. Is there a coverup here, why
    don’t “We the People” all know about this Even Judge
    Francis Young of the Drug Enforcement Administration went on to
    say: “Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest
    therapeutically active substances known. In strict medical terms,
    marijuana is safer than many foods we commonly consume.”Judge
    Young recommended that the DEA allow marijuana to be prescribed as
    medicine, but the DEA has refused. Could another reason be that the
    patent is being tested for the DEA overseas by GW Pharma because it
    is still illegal to test in the U.S. per the federal government.

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