Welcome to the High Times Shareholder Fun!

Get in on the action by becoming a High Times investor!
Welcome to the High Times Shareholder Fun!
High Times

It’s a Friday like any other in Beverly Hills, but there’s a sweet smell in the air and an atmosphere of excitement as early investors in High Times gather to celebrate the brand and its future. The one thing on everyone’s mind: It’s time to get this message out!

High Times recently announced their stock offering to the public, and since then, they have opened early investment in the company through Regulation A+ Equity Crowdfunding. The High-PO event last week was a celebration of these early investors and the growing acceptance of cannabis in modern culture. The day featured product samples, massages with CBD based oil, deliciously infused edibles, and live artists.

In true High Times fashion, the day focused on the exciting things to come at the company and in the cannabis industry as growing international acceptance paves the way for everyday cannabis users to invest and profit from an industry that thrives on support from the community.

Celebrating High Times’ Business and Culture

High Times’ priority in going public has been to celebrate cannabis culture, as they’ve been doing for the past 44 years, and to include the community of cannabis users who have remained supporters of legalization and pushed for social acceptance. These are the people who have grown up reading High Times, and who know it to be the go-to source for cannabis information.

During the High-PO event, Tip “T.I.” Harris, an investor in High Times, said, “I feel like the people who’ve made those sacrifices early on should reap the benefits first and foremost,” and High Times agrees. The culture of High Times is inherently tied to the cannabis community and without support from readers through the years, we would not be here today.

Recently, expanding to include High Times TV and planning a massive expansion of the famous Cannabis Cup, the progression of High Times’ growth has closely correlated with the shifting social attitudes toward pot that allow for more public events and encourage interest in cannabis-related media. Like T.I. went on to say, “It’s [cannabis] going to be close to a trillion-dollar industry, and that growth is directly associated with High Times.”

A Message From Investors

One of the highlights of the High-PO event was the messages from investors and partners who truly believe in the High Times mission. These investors listed a number of personal reasons for investing, including having grown up reading the magazine and having been part of the industry  under prohibition days now leading to exciting options in the legal market.

John Salley, former NBA champion, put it best when he said, “I like to be a part of things that grow and that continue to grow.” Beyond the obvious metaphor of literally growing and cultivating cannabis, investing in High Times feels like investing in the movement itself – the brand that has brazenly stood for cannabis counter culture is readily filling the growing demand for cannabis related information, media, and entertainment.

Thrilled to be a part of that growth are High Times and the over 4,000 investors who have bought shares through the investor’s page.

From covering breaking news to throwing the largest cannabis cultural events, High Times remains committed to the celebration of cannabis and the vibrant community that surround the plant and its industry. With big plans in place for future, just imagine the possibilities as the cannabis industry continues to flourish.

“I really believe in their [High Times’] message and in the culture, and I believe they see the future. They know what the future is, and it’s now.” – Former NBA champion, Paul Pierce

Join the future of cannabis with High Times today!

Forward-Looking Statements
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Legal Disclaimer
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