What A Future Stoner Looks Like

You’ve no doubt been in the presence of a wine snob or two in your day — a self-proclaimed sommelier who won’t lift a glass to their lips without first defining a strict set of guidelines. They dine with an air of importance and it’s even worse if you’re trying to serve them in your own home or, god forbid, have to buy them a bottle as a present. Yet, imagine just for a moment or two if such a person existed in the cannabis realm. Yes, we all have that friend who seems to turn their nose up at anything they deem “less than fire,” but this takes it to a new level. Check out WeedMaps‘ hilarious imagining of such a conversation between two “snobs” for a look into what the future of fine dining could hold:

The Appetizer: “I’d like to start off with a blunt of your finest White Widow”

The Year Snob: “Now your pre-’98 Bubba Kush, that’s a Bubba Kush that’s definitely prior to ’98, correct? You know I can tell the difference between pre-’98 and post-’98, right?”

The Pleasantries: “Enjoy your rips gentlemen.”

The Organic Preferences: “I can recommend our Blue Cheese if you’re looking for something outdoor organic.”

The Fuck it, I’ll Just Take Alaskan Thunderfuck:
Customer: “How’s your Cat Piss?”
“Very pissy, sir.”
“Meh, I’ll just take two grams of the Alaskan Thunderfuck”

Is this what the future of stoners will look like? Chime in with what you think! 

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