Where’s the Cheapest Place to Buy Legal Marijuana?

Want to buy legal green without pushing your bank account into the red? Well, then head to the Pacific Northwest. 

According to MarketWatch, Oregon has the lowest average prices of dispensary cannabis at $214 an ounce. Perfect Price, a price optimization company, analyzed the menu prices for cannabis flowers from 6,000 dispensaries in Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Arizona, California and Michigan, and found that the states with fully operational adult-use markets had lower prices than those with where only medicinal pot is legal.

Colorado came in second to Oregon with cannabis averaging $225 an ounce, and Washington took third place with $238 an ounce. The most expensive state was Michigan with an average dispensary price of $301 an ounce. Arizona and California averaged $290 and $299 an ounce, respectively. 

However, it's interesting to note that among the states analyzed, the cheapest city for buying weed was not in Oregon—but in Colorado. At $192 an ounce, Aurora, Colorado had the cheapest average dispensary price. Grand Rapids, Michigan had the most expensive prices at $392 an ounce. 

(Map Courtesy of MarketWatch; Photo Courtesy of Helping Hands Herbals)

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